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My Two Cents

On the replacement refs. I am not about to say they are good because they are very far from that. They have blown calls, not clearly know the rules, and in some cases have lost complete and total control of situations. But with that being said the huge problem to me and why we all hate these refs is simple.

It's the way the game/pregame has been presented to us. The "real" refs made some horrible calls on there watches. But when they would miss a call or it was a very bad call you would hear a very bland "well that was a bad call" or soemthing to that effect. As to now where there is a bad call it is put under a microscope And the guys in the booth sound like a very upset fan.

Now with that being said would I like to see the "real" refs back? Of course I would. But when there is a God awful call on there watch don't treat them with kid gloves. Those are the same guys that had the "tuck rule". An interception in a playoff game between the Steelers and Colts called back the next day the NFL admitted  they got the call wrong.

So while I am in the boat of everyone else thinking these refs are bad. I still go back and say man those "real" refs made some bad calls too but I just don't remember the T.V. guys crying about those calls. And if the NFL and the "real" refs are $3.3 million off like I heard this morning. I am sure the NFL can collect that money off all the fines they have issued since the replacement refs have come in.
So that is just my two cents on the matter.

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09/25/2012 11:23PM
My Two Cents
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