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Greg, a native of eastern panhandle West Virginia, has been in broadcasting since 1999. Upon completion of his second degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting in 2001, Greg has worked in radio stations in the Washington DC area as well as his native panhandle area. Growing up, Greg was always active playing various sports from basketball to tennis, and is always ready to throw down as it were!
“I learned at a young age that versatility is the key to success, and in a business where things are always changing, versatility becomes the key to survival”!  -Greg Davis

The Super Bowl

The Game Time crew is back and just in time for the big game on February 1st in Arizona. Greg and Joe talk about the 2 teams playing and how the unlikely journey landed one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in years!

Joe is up first with his pick. He's a firm believer that we will have a repeat champion for the first time since…well the Patriots!

Greg as usual plays the devils advocate and goes a different direction with his pick. Mostly because the NFL is based on parody!

Regardless of who wins, history is gonna be made this year! The winner will clearly be able to claim they are a dynasty, since the Patriots will have surpassed almost every great one as far as winning in the post season, and Seattle is still a young team on the rise. Everyone enjoy, because I have a feeling we're probably not gonna see another one like this for awhile.

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