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Posts from January 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Preview
The big game has finally arrived..... SUPER BOWL XLVII! The Baltimore Ravens meet the San Francisco 49ers in a truly great match-up. The Ravens were able to defeat Peyton Manning in Denver and then Tom Brady in New England to make it to the game. The 49ers knocked off defending NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, then the #1 seed Falcons in Atlanta, so both team's journeys to the Super Bowl were impressive. There are many story lines involved in the game too: Ray Lewis retiring, Jim Harbaugh facing John Harbaugh, Randy Moss, San Francisco trying to stay undefeated in Super Bowls, Joe Flacco's contract, it never ends!
One of the things I love the most about this game is how even the two teams are. It really is a toss-up game for me. The 49ers are (-3.5) favorites and that makes sense to me, as they are younger, faster, and stronger, but the Ravens have the experience that can get them over the top.  Who has the better offense? Again, too even for me to really give an edge. Defense? Yep, too close to call for me. Maybe you give a slight edge to the 49ers on a normal day, but on Ray Lewis' last game of his career? I just cannot do that. Special teams edge goes to the Ravens as they have better kick returners and a better kicker.

What about the Quarterbacks? Joe Flacco vs. Colin Kaepernick. This really is so even, I am not sure which QB is better. Flacco obviously has more experience and has been on fire in the playoffs, but Kaep has been borderline unstoppable. Running Backs: Ray Rice or Frank Gore? I will take Rice, but they are also pretty much even. Wide Receivers are close too, but I will give a slight edge to the Ravens. Finally, which coach is better? Baltimore's John Harbaugh or San Francisco's Jim Harbaugh? I think getting your team to a Super Bowl in only 2 years on the job gives Jim the edge, but what about in one game? They met last season and the Ravens won. Man. Such a tough pick, folks!

The game will be a defensive battle, but points will be scored. A score like 10-7 or 34-31 would not surprise me, but I would guess somewhere in the middle. I will say that the Super Bowl comes down to a key turnover made by a skill position player on the 49ers and that the Ravens pull off the victory: 20-17.

By far, this is the least confident prediction I have made all season and I LOVE IT! Can't wait for the game!

Post your predictions in the comments box. Thanks for reading my NFL blog all season too. I will post an After Season Blog next week. Enjoy the game!

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AFC and NFC Championship Game Picks
Well, here we are. One step away from the Super Bowl. Four teams left: the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. All had great seasons and at one time or another, were considered the best team in the NFL. My Super Bowl pick of Broncos-Packers ended badly last Saturday with both teams losing, so now I have a clean slate these final two weeks. Both Championship Games have a chance to be great, but also have a chance to be blowouts. Can't wait.

San Francisco 49ers
at Atlanta Falcons
I have, literally, picked against the Falcons all season. I will continue that this week by taking the 49ers, but I have a good feeling about Atlanta. Many people are not giving the home team, #1 seed, a chance, but I think they have a good one. They have a great offense and their defense is improving. Last week things did not go well in the second half against Seattle, but they pulled off the win in the end. As for the 49ers, they have a great defense, plenty of offensive weapons and now their QB position also looks strong. They are going to be a great team for at least the next five seasons, if not longer. 49ers get the win: 38-27.

Baltimore Ravens
at New England Patriots
Wow, I am excited to watch this game, to say the least. Ray Lewis vs. Tom Brady for the AFC Championship: Round 2. Last year, if not for a couple of bad plays, the Ravens would have played the Giants in the Super Bowl instead of the Patriots. This year, the Patriots have improved as a team and I am not sure the Ravens have, but the news of Ray Lewis retiring has given them an extra boost. Not many teams match-up with the Patriots well, but two teams left in the playoffs do: the Ravens and 49ers. This one will go down to the wire, as most Patriots-Ravens games do, I say 34-31 Ravens with the huge upset.

Make sure you tune in 4:00-5:00 for GAME TIME on Sports Radio 1340 WEPM as Greg, George and myself preview the Championship Games and talk about all the big news in the Sports World. Thanks for reading!
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NFL Divisional Round Preview
Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs are here and we have a pretty good line-up of games this weekend. Quickly re-capping last week's Wild Card Weekend: I went (4-0) with my picks and I feel that the winners of those games do have a chance this weekend at the #1 and #2 seeds. The Ravens impressed me with their win over the Colts, Green Bay looked strong defeating Minnesota and the Seahawks came back from a 14-0 deficit, to win in Washington by 10. All three teams are great, but I am not too sure about the Houston Texans, who squeaked by the Bengals. I don't see how they can win in New England, but that is why they play the game!

Divisional Round Saturday:
4. Baltimore Ravens at 1. Denver Broncos
The Broncos defeated the Ravens in Baltimore, with ease, about a month ago. The Ravens have new life though, playing for Ray Lewis, so I expect this game to be a little bit close for most of the game. Still, I think Peyton Manning is too good and I am not sure how well Joe Flacco will play. If he does play well, it could come down to the wire. I will say that he won't though and the Broncos get the win: 28-10.

3. Green Bay Packers at 2. San Francisco 49ers
This might be the best game of the weekend and the toughest to predict. The 49ers defeated the Packers early in the season, in Green Bay, but much has changed since then, including their quarterback. The Packers are playing well down the stretch and finally getting healthy too. For me, this game comes down to two things: defensive play and quarterback play. Defense edge goes to the 49ers and quarterback clearly goes to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. It is going to be a very tight, low scoring game. 16-13 Packers.

Divisional Round Sunday:
5. Seattle Seahawks
at 1. Atlanta Falcons
Okay, this game is tough to predict too. Something is telling me that the Seahawks will win, but Atlanta can't lose as a #1 seed for the second time in three years can they? Honestly, this is a bad match-up for the Falcons. Seattle's defense can shut down Atlanta's offense and I am still not too sure on Atlanta's defense. I have picked against them all year, so the trend continues I guess. Seahawks 24-21.
4. Houston Texans at 2. New England Patriots
Remember when no one gave the Jets a chance to beat the Patriots in this very same spot two years ago? The Jets had lost in New England 45-3 on a Monday Night Game in the regular season, but the difference with the Jets is that they had beat New England earlier that year and knew how to win in New England. I am not sure the Texans do. The offense clearly needs to put points on the board, as we know Brady and the Patriots offense will. All of that is easier said than done though. I see a 42-20 Patriots win, setting up the Manning-Brady Show  Down, we have all been waiting for....

If my picks are right that would set up a Patriots-Broncos and Seahawks-Packers Championship Sunday. Hard to imagine both NFC home teams losing this weekend though. We will see. Thanks for reading!

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The Lockout is finally over and we are going to have some NHL hockey very soon! I am hearing that the season could start on January 19th with a 48 game schedule. We will see. Great news though.
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NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks
The NFL Playoffs are finally here and we have some good games on the schedule this weekend. The Broncos, Falcons, Patriots and 49ers will be watching this weekend's games at home, waiting to see who their opponents will be in the divisional round. Each team playing on Wild Card Weekend has had a great season and all are fully capable of reaching the Super Bowl, however, the road there will not be easy. Surprise teams like the Redskins, Vikings, Seahawks and Colts have shocked many, it will be interesting to see how they do in the playoffs. They are not just happy to be there either. They want to win.

Wild Card Saturday:
6. Cincinnati Bengals at 3. Houston Texans
The Texans having to play in the Wild Card round is shocking, considering they were the #1 seed in the AFC for most of the season, but that is what has happened. This is a re-match of last year's Wild Card game, also in Houston. I feel both teams are better now than they were in 2011, but Houston is coming in cold. The Bengals impressed me this year, as I thought Andy Dalton and AJ Green would have sophomore slumps, but instead had great seasons. The Bengals are playing better right now, so it is tough for me to pick against them, but I feel Houston just has to win. I mean, could Gary Kubiak be fired if they lose? I think it is possible. I say the Texans hang on 24-23.

6. Minnesota Vikings at 3. Green Bay Packers
Adrian Peterson and the Vikings had a great last month of the season, including Peterson rushing for over 2,000 yards and his team making the playoffs, but going to Green Bay will not be easy. The Vikings also just defeated the Packers in Week 17, preventing the Packers from getting a first round bye. Christian Ponder vs. Aaron Rodgers is the key match-up here though, and that is a huge edge for the Packers. I think they take care of business 38-17, but it has been a great year for the Vikings.

Wild Card Sunday:
5. Indianapolis Colts at 4. Baltimore Ravens
This has been a great season for the Colts. Who would ever have guessed that they would win 11 games after losing Peyton Manning in the offseason? It happened though, thanks to Andrew Luck and the inspiration the team got from their Head Coach Chuck Pagano. Interim Coach Bruce Arians also deserves a lot of credit. He has done a great job. As for John Harbaugh and the Ravens, they have had an up and down season. They are a good team and the news of Ray Lewis retiring should fire them up. I think this game will be closer than people assume, with the Ravens squeaking by 23-16. Andrew Luck will be forced into a few turnovers, but the Colts future is bright.

5. Seattle Seahawks at 4. Washington Redskins
This is my true toss-up game. I could see it going either way. Both are great teams with great stories and they match up well against each other. Seattle was (8-0) at home and only (3-5) on the road, which could play a key role this Sunday at FedEx Field. I like Seattle's defense in this match-up against RGIII and Alfred Morris. I could see them being shut down. I also like Russell Wilson against an average, at best, Redskins defense. Seattle likes to take shots down the field, and I think that could be a huge issue with Washington's secondary. Still, this is the first playoff game for many players on both teams, which I think gives RGIII and the Redskins the edge. He plays like a veteran with years of experience under his belt, despite being a rookie. Like I said, it is a toss-up for me, but I am going to take the Seahawks 20-17. A key play is going to be made on defense to seal the deal.

Should be an exciting weekend of football, then we move on to the Divisional Round. Hard to believe we are only a few weeks from Super Bowl XLVII.
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My 2012 NFL Preview, Review. Let's See How I Did!
Before the season, I made my 2012 NFL Preview. It listed all 8 divisions, all 32 teams, and how each of their seasons would go. Well, the year is over now and it is time to see how I did. That post is still in the archives if you want to read it. (In the September Section) I got a few things right and many other things VERY VERY wrong. Haha. As you would expect with any NFL season though, as they are always unpredictable. Okay, we will start in the AFC:

AFC East:
1. New England Patriots: My Prediction: (14-2) Actual Record: (12-4)
The Patriots pretty much went how I expected. No surprise here.

2. New York Jets: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (6-10)
My write up on the Jets was spot on, the record though? Not so much. They had some injuries, but I went a little over the top predicting 11 wins. They are more of an (8-8) team.

3. Buffalo Bills: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (6-10)
Well, I was right about the Bills being overrated, but they were even worse than I expected.

4. Miami Dolphins: My Prediction: (4-12) Actual Record: (7-9)
I thought Miami would not be able to compete this year. When I wrote 4 wins, I was being nice. Instead, they turned out to be an average team with a bright future.

AFC North:
1. Pittsburgh Steelers: My Prediction: (12-4) Actual Record: (8-8)

I thought Pittsburgh would be much better than they were this year and I am not going to blame it on Big Ben getting injured either. Their offense just did not work.

2. Baltimore Ravens: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (10-6)
I was pretty much right on the Ravens, except I expected them to be a Wild Card team, instead of a division winner.

3. Cincinnati Bengals: My Prediction: (7-9) Actual Record: (10-6)
I was wrong about the Bengals. They were for real in 2011 and still were in 2012. Not sure they will win a playoff game, but they are a pretty good team.

4. Cleveland Browns: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (5-11)
Oh! SPOT ON! My first correct pick record wise. Still, the Browns played better than I thought they would in 2012. They have a chance to succeed in 2013.

AFC South:
1. Houston Texans: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (12-4)

Houston was pretty much the team I thought they were this year, but two late season losses could hurt their momentum heading into the playoffs.

2. Tennessee Titans: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (6-10)
Jake Locker did not take the next step this year, so the Titans struggled. I said if he did well, they could, but he did not.

3. Indianapolis Colts: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (11-5)
Okay. I missed this one. Bad. Again, when I gave the Colts 6 wins, I thought I was being pretty kind. Instead, Andrew Luck and the Colts won 11 games and are playing in the playoffs this Sunday. I am happy I was wrong.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: My Prediction: (2-14) Actual Record: (2-14)
BOOM! 2nd exact pick! Look for Tim Tebow to improve the team in 2013.

AFC West:
1. Denver Broncos: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (13-3)

No one was a bigger Peyton Manning supporter than me, but even I thought the schedule was too tough for Denver to win 13 games. Peyton can even prove me wrong. I had them winning the West though, with ease.

2. San Diego Chargers: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (7-9)
My write-up on San Diego was 100% right, even though my record was a couple of games off. They should be better than they are. Thus, Norv Turner was FINALLY fired.

3. Kansas City Chiefs: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (2-14)
Okay, I thought the Chiefs had a chance at a Wild Card spot and instead they got the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Good call Pete, good call.

4. Oakland Raiders: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (4-12)
The Raiders were bad, but I did not think they would be that bad.

NFC East:
1. New York Giants: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (9-7)

I will say I was right about the NFC East. I said it would be a close division and it would come down to Week 17. I got the teams wrong though.

2. Philadelphia Eagles: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (4-12)
No one thought the Eagles would be as bad as they were. Now I am hearing Andy Reid is going to be the coach of the Chiefs before the end of the day. Yeah....I did not predict that.

3. Dallas Cowboys: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (8-8)
My preview on the Cowboys was pretty spot on. They are who we thought they were.

4. Washington Redskins: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (10-6)
Though I gave them 5 wins, my write up on them was dead on. "Head Coach Mike Shanahan wouldn't shock me if his team finished (10-6), but also wouldn't shock me if it finished (3-13). Again, this division is very unpredictable" When they finished (10-6)? I was not shocked. :-)

NFC North:
1. Green Bay Packers: My Prediction: (14-2) Actual Record: (11-5)

I got the record wrong, but Green Bay is still the team I expected them to be.

2. Chicago Bears: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (10-6)
The Bears were who I thought they were going to be too, but apparently that was not enough to allow Lovie Smith to keep his job.

3. Detroit Lions: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (4-12)
Wow. The Lions might be the biggest disappointment of the 2012 season. Actually, there is no might about it.

4. Minnesota Vikings: My Prediction: (2-14) Actual Record: (10-6)
Please do not read my write up on how the 2012 Vikings season would go. It makes me sound so stupid. I love how well they played this year though.

NFC South:
1. New Orleans Saints: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (7-9)

I thought they would win the division, instead they finished under .500. Bad year for the Saints, but I expect them to rebound in 2013.

2. Atlanta Falcons: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (13-3)
I thought Atlanta had a chance to be the (13-3) team they became, but felt they were more of a Wild Card team. They took the next step in 2012.

3. Carolina Panthers: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (7-9)
Carolina started slow, but were basically the team I expected them to be.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: My Prediction: (4-12) Actual Record: (7-9)
Tampa Bay started strong again, but then fell a part down the stretch. They are a few moves away from being a playoff team though. Good season.

NFC West:
1. San Francisco 49ers: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (11-4-1)

I can't call this an actual correct pick, but I was pretty close. Hard to predict ties, but San Francisco did win 11 games.

2. Seattle Seahawks: My Prediction: (7-9) Actual Record: (11-5)
A big surprise this year, it has been fun to watch Seattle play so good. In my write up I said that the Seahawks defense is a question mark. So wrong.

3. St. Louis Rams: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (7-8-1)
The Rams were pretty good this year. They pretty much went how I expected.

4. Arizona Cardinals: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (5-11)
I was close on the record, but I did not expect them to start (4-0) then finish the season (1-11), costing Ken Whisenhunt his job.

Well, there you have it. The NFL is unpredictable. I made some good picks and I also made some terrible ones. Expect the same for the 2013 season. Thanks for reading!
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The Bowl Challenge makes its final push

As the year begins anew, the WEPM Bowl Challenge begins its final push as the BCS gets underway with the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl. It’s still anybodies game as the standings remain close going into the new year. Remember, points double for all BCS games.

George, Pete and myself sat down and talked and gave out thoughts on some of the games leading up to the National Championship.

On New Years Day, there are 6 games on the schedule, including 2 on the BCS schedule. Here are the BCS picks by George, Pete and myself.

The Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Wisconsin 1/1 5p.m.

George- Stanford in blowout fashion 49-0

Pete- Stanford, a little bit more of a game by the Badgers, 31-21.

Greg- Wisconsin has a good game and pulls the “upset” 27-24.

The Discover Orange Bowl: Florida St. vs. Northern Illinois 1/1 8:30pm

Pete- Florida State in a close one 27-24 over the mid-major.

George- There is always a Cinderella at the bowl and picks No. Ill. 21-18.

Greg- No. Ill. Did everything the computer wanted, so they win 34-27.

The All State Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Louisville Jan. 2nd 8:30pm.

George- All Florida in the one, 56-21.

Pete- Louisville will make it interesting for a bit, but Florida 41-31.

Greg- The SEC is too strong for the disappearing Big-East as Florida wins 56-21.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kansas St. vs. Oregon Jan. 3rd 8:30pm.

George- Optimus Kline gets the job done and wins 38-35

Pete- Oregon simply out runs everybody and wins 41-24

Greg- The Ducks fly in this one 55-17.

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