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Greg, a native of eastern panhandle West Virginia, has been in broadcasting since 1999. Upon completion of his second degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting in 2001, Greg has worked in radio stations in the Washington DC area as well as his native panhandle area. Growing up, Greg was always active playing various sports from basketball to tennis, and is always ready to throw down as it were!
“I learned at a young age that versatility is the key to success, and in a business where things are always changing, versatility becomes the key to survival”!  -Greg Davis

When you have to choose

Okay now that football season is in full swing, let's face it, sometimes life can get in the way. A new survey shows that for some serious fans, not even getting married is an excuse to miss football. A survey of 800 college football fans by Discover found many were willing to cater their big day to suit game day: 51% said they would go ahead as planned if their teams played a big rival that day, however; 14% said they would change their wedding date; and 7% would just change the time.

Why football and not basketball during or baseball season is what some of you have got to be thinking. Well look at it this way, in football, you only get 12 chances during the college season, to see your favorite school take the field and play for glory and bragging rights. Basketball gives you more chances to see your school play your rival at least twice during the regular season and possibly once during the “Big Dance”, thus you can plan and catch them at another time. Baseball is flat out too long and therefore irrelevant.

So in a nutshell, perhaps loyalty to your school may outweigh that first date, saying “I Do”, or even celebrating your anniversary, but as the survey states, proper planning and you can win no matter which path you travel down.

Besides, it's the 21st century, use technology to have your cake and eat it too! Best of luck!

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09/12/2012 2:44PM
When you have to choose
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