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Virginia Officals make right call

As Fred Persinger, II and I called the Musselman Sherando game, we witnessed Maverick Keller, the fine RB and DB for the Appleman, make big plays and help his team to a much needed victory.  One could not help but wonder whether the outcome would have been affected had he not been on the field for a big interception and return that stopped a Sherando drive in the second half and which shifted momentum Musselman's way.

The only reason Keller was on the field and not in school clothes during the game was the reversal of the game ejection he suffered the week before in Virginia against Skyline.  During the game a Virginia referee called Keller for a personal foul and tossed him from the game.  By all accounts, not just Musselman coaches and fans, the call was unjust and simply a case of a referee witnessing only part of a scuffle on the field.  Musselman filed an appeal in Virginia before their athletic association, realizing that under WVSSAC rules in effect for this Friday, Keller would have to sit out the game due to the ejection.  Fortunately, Virginia athletic association rules permit an appeal, and upon video review Keller's ejection was deemed to be without sufficient evidence and therefore was reversed.

Unfortunately in West Virginia the WVSSAC rules do not permit an aggrieved player to appeal such a call, the rationale being that video evidence is not available at all WVSSAC sanctioned games.  I say, "so what".  Not every stadium has field turf, comfortable locker rooms, adequate lighting, etc.  All factors play a part in determining outcomes.  I am sure Virginia is in the same situation in that not all of their games, especially those at the lowest classifications, have video available. 

Sure the burdens on the SSAC will increase if there are going to be video reviews of certain plays or calls, but this can be done.  You clearly define what can be reviewed and by whom.  You set up a timetable for review and you render a decision within days so as to not affect future games.  I maintain nothing is more important to the student athlete than his or her eligibility and I would hope the SSAC would give due consideration to such matters by permitting an appeal process in the future.  Last night the State of Virginia, and Maverick Keller, showed the value of such efforts.

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09/03/2012 1:38PM
Virginia Officals make right call
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09/05/2012 3:36PM
You go, Joe!
Well-thought-out and logical. Joe should run the SSAC.
09/06/2012 2:44PM
Response from Joe
Are you kidding? I should run the world. LOL
09/21/2012 3:46PM
The Mother Ship
You know, Delegate Overington has, in the past, that WV should substitute in VA's state code as our own. Perhaps we should do that, but limit it to putting in VHSL wherever it says WVSSAC. ?
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