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The Weekend That Was

Football,football and yes more football.

Friday kicked it off between Mussleman and Martinsburg. Martinsburg won that game 50-7 and will take on the George Washington Patriots at a very odd time this week but thats for later. Mussleman wrapped up there season with that loss. But if you are a Appleman (or Applewoman can not be sexist here). South Berkeley should be very proud of what this team did. As they went to Charleston and beat a very VERY good Capital High team and advanced on to the second round. My hats off to the Appleman for the great season that they had. And good luck to them next season. Now as I said earlier Martinsburg is taking on George Washington Friday now I hope you are sitting down for this. Martinsburg will play George Washington at Martinsburg ok sit down Friday at 1:30 pm. Very odd time for a football game but it is Black Friday what do you have better to do? So if you can try and make that one do! Because I have a feeling this is the game that says who wims the state championship.

Onto college. Saturday said all you need to know about this WVU season. The offense showed up put 49 points on the board had a lead late and lost. .Tune into ESPN radio and hear what they say when they say a defense is bad same with College Gameday. Say something to the effects of  "well so and sos defense is bad but its not West Virginia bad." I hear it all the time get sick of it but sad thing It is a true comment. And until that part of the game gets corrected in Morgantown the Big XII is not going to be any fun.

Shepherd lost 27-17 to IUP. In the playoffs good season for the Rams good luck to them as they head on to next season.

Marshall won Saturday by a final of 44-41. A game in which they had a huge lead let it get away but in the end won and live to fight another day. As they go to ECU on Friday a win there and they go to a bowl game.

Now on to the NFL.

Sunday afternoon the Redskins took on the Eagles. And the skins won BIG 31-6 was the final there and RGIII looked like a highlight reel. And the Eagles well the Eagles looked very um well lets say bad. . Back at the start of the season alot where picking the Eagles to win the Super Bowl and now looks like they may not win 4 games this season. I am looking forward to Thursday now as RGIII takes center stage against the Cowbys. Last time I remember a highly touted rookie playing in the Thanksgiving day game in the "Big D" was Randy Moss. And the guy Beasted out that evening. Lets see if RGIII can do the same.

Onto the game I do not think I should talk about. The Ravens beat the Steelers by a final of 13-10. I do not know what to say here .I must whole heartdly admit I wear my Steelers heart on my sleeve. But I will leave you with this thought from that game. A friend texted me that barely watched the game was watching another television show and said. "George your qb is awful." That is all you need to know about that game that was played Nothing more and nothing less.

Week ahead has this in store for you.Nothing until Thursday but live out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and you are home free.

Thursday has set for you. WVU basketball taking on that of Marist at noon. Eat your turkey settle in as the Redskins take on the Cowboys at 4:15

Friday very busy WVU basketball in the OLD SPICE CLASSIC for either a noon or 3pm start that all depends on what happens Thursday. Also you have George Washington @ Martinsburg 1:30 kickoff there. Marshall @ ECU kickoff is set for 2 there. And last but not least WVU football is at Iowa State and kickoff is set for 3:30 there

Sunday WVU finishes the OLD SPICE CLASSIC at a TBD.
So that is what happened this weekend and what next weekend has in store. So everyone have a GREAT week and enjoy that Turkey on Thursday!

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11/19/2012 3:56AM
The Weekend That Was
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