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Tune in with me to hear about musicians and authors coming to our area as well as some local upcoming events. I do my best to help those I interview spread the word about what they create or what it is they're trying to share - since for many of them, it is their passion.

I have been working with Prettyman Broadcasting as well as The Martinsburg Journal's Weekender providing information about things going on around town. Although I don't particularly follow sports all that closely, I enjoy Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and LoTR, or discussing local authors, movies or theater productions that may have things/be going on in our area. 

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Stop and Smell the Flowers


The more I think about where I want to go in life, what I want to see, who I want to become and whatnot.. the more I realize how horribly impossible it is to decide on any of that. With Life, you’re better off pointing your arrow in the general direction you’d like to head off in, and letting it fly off through the fog. Now don’t get me wrong, there are people who have spent years planning how and when exactly they’re going to end up where they know they wanna be in 5 years. But what happened to just rolling with the punches? Letting loose and just sort of working things out as they happen? People tend to get all up in a bunch because some smaller event popped up that they had no control over, that threw off their overall plan. and by “threw off” I mean “delayed the next step from occurring for a little bit” which really isn’t worth getting so worked up and stressed out about, is it?

Think about it; you’ll spend more of your life here chasing after your dreams and doing the things you want to do, so why not take the few moments to just be okay that something didn’t go exactly as planned and figure out a new way to get to what you’re after? Having a sour attitude about these events only makes them more difficult to work through and you could miss something beautiful all because you decided that staring angrily at your shoes was the best way to pass the time. Things happen that people can’t control, every day. It’s just a fact of life that you don’t get to call all the punches.

Now whether you believe in such a thing as divine purpose or a higher being, I don’t particularly care, that’s up to you. But personally, I think that everything happens for a reason. If something doesn’t go as you had planned, it’s because you don’t really know what’s best – as much as everyone likes to believe they do – you really don’t. You didn’t get that promotion you’ve wanted so badly? It’s okay, something better will work its way to you. A family member/friend needs your help but it’ll push off your plans for a year? So what. Help them.  People don’t seem to realize what one act of kindness can do for a person.

Would you rather get everything you wanted done, finished on time and ready to go on through your life, but have no one to call your friend? because you were never there for anyone besides yourself? Okay, congratulations, you reached your goal, but who are you going to celebrate it with? Often when we chase after something we want for ourselves so badly, we become one track minded and closed to anything else that may rise up around us. We won’t notice the scenery changing, the landscape rising up all around us, or – like that old saying goes – we won’t stop to smell the flowers.

Always stop to smell the flowers. You never know what wonder could be hiding amongst their petals.

03/29/2014 10:44AM
Stop and Smell the Flowers
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08/01/2014 10:20PM
Just wanted to say that is one of the best things I've ever read. You really have a gift with words.
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