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In  a matter of less than a full calender week. I have gone from the highest of highs Sunday seeing the San Francisco Giants win a second World Series championship in a matter of three years. To getting kicked in the gut and having reality sink in and seeing what the NHL did today. And that was cancel the Winter Classic that was to be played in Ann Arbor in the "Big House" on New Years day. 

Now all along I have read it was highly likely there would not be an NHL season/ I held out hope thought if the Winter Classic were to be played then we have a season (yea shortened but I love hockey as I missed most of game 3 of the World Series watching the Hershey Bears).

The NHL (hockey more than the NHL) is one great game but just does not have the appeal here in the USA.

I should have figured as much with this strike going on for a decent amount of time. You see Donald Fehr is the leader of the NHLPA if that name itself does not ring a bell rewind 18 years to 1994. Who was the leader of the MLBPA? if you answered Donald Fehr you are correct (if there is a cookie jar and a cookie in it reward yourself)/ That strike lasted from August 12, 1994-April 2, 1995/ Now I am hoping that does not happen but it is a huge possibilty. My good friend and co-worker Pietro Disante dubbed me as "Mr. Baseball 2012". I had a blast with baseball this year so he nicknamed me that and it stuck. But truth be told I am more "Mr.Hockey" . Many people my age favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. But no question mine is Mario Lemiuex as I have been told that was one of the very first words out of my mouth was "Mario"  So I have been a hockey fan as long as I can remember. .

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... The question is what am I going to do with myself this winter? I can not watch an NBA game for anything. I like WVU basketball I will follow that. My Dad Is an NC State Wolfpack fan and they look decent this year so I may piggy back there and watch some Wolfpack basketball. Some Hershey/Wheeling trips may be in store just to get my hockey fix. But this is not good/



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11/02/2012 7:25PM
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