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Posts from December 2012

NFL Week 17 Picks
Nothing goes by faster in life, than an NFL season. Here we are, Week 17 already! The final week for 20 NFL teams, but 12 will move on, and it all comes down to a few key games. The AFC is set with it's 6 playoff teams: Texans, Broncos, Patriots, Ravens, Colts and Bengals, but the seeding is still up for grabs this week. In the NFC, the Falcons, Packers, 49ers, and Seahawks are in, but the Redskins, Cowboys, Vikings, Bears and Giants are fighting for the final 2 spots. The Redskins and Cowboys are playing for the NFC East crown and a home playoff game (likely against the Seahawks) this Sunday Night. I can't wait and honestly, I am not sure what is going to happen. Complete toss up to me. Now to the picks!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
The Buccaneers started strong, then fell a part down the stretch. It was actuall a lot like last season for them. Atlanta is the #1 seed, so this game should be like a preseason game.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Mark Sanchez back as starter for the Jets, Fitzpatrick for the Bills, but the most interesting thing about this game? What happens after it. Will Rex Ryan and Chan Gailey be fired? What changes will each team make? Both were supposed to be good this year, instead they both will finish at 7-9 at best.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
This is another game that could have had big value, but instead is more of a preseason game now. The Bengals are locked into the #6 seed and the Ravens are likely to get the #4 seed.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Bad season for the Steelers to say the least. They have high standards, so (7-8) may not seem too bad for others, but in Pittsburgh? Not good. I still think they finish (8-8) with a win over the Browns and return to the playoffs in 2013. Dare I say the Browns make a playoff push next year too? I think they do!

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions
Megatron might have broke many of Jerry Rice's records, but the Lions were flat out bad in 2012. I did not see it coming either. The Bears on the other hand, have much to play for. If they beat Detroit and the Packers defeat the Vikings, they are in! I see that happening too.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans
Tebow! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Start the mania, Jacksonville! You will have him soon enough! As for Tennessee, hopefully Locker makes that next step in 2013.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
The Giants can still make the playoffs with a win against the Eagles and losses by the Vikings and Bears, but don't count on it. This is Andy Reid's last game as the Eagles Head Coach too. Let's see if his players try to send him out on top.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints
Both of these teams have finished strong and I expect them to compete in 2013. Next year will be a big test to see if Cam Newton can lead a team to the playoffs. We already know Drew Brees can do it.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts
The Texans have the best record in the AFC, but they have not been playing great lately. It will be important for them to stay strong and get a win here in Indy. The Colts on the otherhand, have been amazing this year. I have really enjoyed watching this team succeed for Chuck Pagano. Andrew Luck will be here for a long time!

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
Will Adrian Peterson break Eric Dickerson's rushing record? More importantly, will the Vikings get a win at home and clinch a playoff spot? Big game, but I think it is more likely he breaks the record, than the Vikings winning.

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks
Seattle is crazy good lately. They are getting hot at the right time too. Could they make a Super Bowl run on the road? It is going to be difficult, but I would not be shocked.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
The Patriots need a win and a Broncos loss to get a BYE, otherwise they are likely to host the Bengals next week, in the AFC Wild Card Round.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos
A win for the Broncos and they secure a BYE, a win and a Texans loss and the Broncos are the #1 seed. If that happens, expect Peyton Manning to be making his 3rd Super Bowl start of his career.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
HOW DOES NORV TURNER HAVE A JOB?!?! Hey, that is the last time I will have to ask that in San Diego.

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers could end up with a BYE and the #2 seed or even the #5 seed if they lose and Seattle wins. I expect a 49ers win and a Packers win, which would place the 49ers at home in the Wild Card Round against the Bears. We will see though. Anything could happen.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
I can honestly say I did not expect this game to be for the NFC East Championship at the beginning of the year. Or last month. Or two weeks ago. Here we are though and I could not be happier! RGIII has changed the culture in Washington back to the good old days within a few months. Tony Romo has played great in December and was in this exact same spot last year agains the Giants. Romo and the Cowboys were blown out in that game. Did they learn from it? Or will it happen again? Can't wait!


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NFL Week 17 Power Rankings
Merry Christmas! Down to the final week in the 2012 NFL Season and our final Power Rankings. This week will be a little different, as I will evaluate my first Power Rankings from Week 1 and see how those teams' seasons ended up. Things change week to week in the NFL, so I am sure much has changed during the entire season. Let's see what we have!


1. New England Patriots
The Patriots started the season at #1 and have barely left the Top 5, if ever. They still have a strong chance at winning the Super Bowl and even a BYE if Denver or Houston lose this week.

2. San Francisco 49ers
Okay, the 49ers looked bad last night, but they have still had a pretty strong season. A win on Sunday gives them another NFC West crown and a home game in the playoffs.

3. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens at #3 seems a little high now, as they have had many ups and downs this season, but they could be getting on a roll at the right time of the season. AFC North winners once again, the Ravens have a chance.

4. Green Bay Packers
The Packers lost Week 1, but I still had them at #4 because I believe in them. Aaron Rodgers has used his discount double check to perfection this season. I still think they will end up in the Super Bowl.

5. Denver Broncos
Denver debuted at #5, but they have been #1 for almost the last 2 months. Peyton Manning is STILL the best in the game and he is proving it this season. People were not sure on Denver this year, but I was.

6. Chicago Bears
The Bears still have an outside chance at making the playoffs, but they have been a disapointment lately. Jay Cutler has not had a great season statistics-wise, but the Bears are still a good team.

7. Houston Texans
The Texans have been #1 in the AFC all season, and a win vs. the Colts on Sunday will give them the #1 seed in the AFC. To get to the Super Bowl, you have to go through Houston.

8. New York Jets
Okay, okay okay, this seems BAD. However, the Jets had just blown out the Bills, so it makes more sense now. 15 weeks later, the Jets might not even belong on a Power Rankings of the Top 32 teams in the NFL.

9. Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons debuted at #9 but slowly but surely kept rising up, including a brief stay at #1 in the rankings, but right now I really feel the NFC is down to the Falcons and Packers. Want to throw Seattle in the mix too? Okay, I am cool with that.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers are have been a disappointment no doubt, and they lost Week 1 in Denver, but I still felt they were going to have a good season. I was wrong.

Week 17 Power Rankings:
1. Broncos (12-3)
2. Packers (11-4)
3. Patriots (11-4)
4. Falcons (13-2)
5. Seahawks (10-5)
6. Redskins (9-6)
7. Texans (12-3)
8. Ravens (10-5)
9. 49ers (10-4-1)
10. Vikings (9-6)

Can't wait for the final week of the season!
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NFL Week 16 Picks
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 2013 is near, but there are still 2 weeks left in this NFL season. Still some pretty exciting playoff spots up for grabs in the AFC and even more in the NFC. Looks like they will go down to the wire too. In some non-playoff news, the Jets have benched QB Mark Sanchez, skipped over QB Tim Tebow and are now starting QB Greg McElroy this week against the Chargers. If thay does not explain the 2012 Jets season to you, I don't know what will. Enough about them though, let's get to some exciting Week 16 Picks!

Saturday Night Football:
Atlanta Falcons
at Detroit Lions
The rare Saturday night game, Atlanta fighting for the #1 seed, the Lions still in shock at how the 2012 season has gone.

Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers
Carolina is on a bit of a roll lately. Hopefully they can continue this into the 2013 season.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
Funny how one team's (6-8) record looks better than other team's (6-8) records. Miami has been pretty good this season, in many people's eyes.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
Big game. Likely for the #6 seed in the AFC, however the Bengals still have a decent chance to win the division. I like the Steelers at home though.

New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars
Just 2 more weeks Jaguars fans. Then your calls for Tebow can begin!

Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs
Upset special here! I see the Colts falling on the road to the Chiefs. Though, I am not sure how that is going to happen. Just a feeling I have.

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
Big game for Big D. I think Rob Ryan's defense will give them the edge against the Saints. Drew Brees may have other ideas though.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
The Redskins are the feel good story of 2012 and hopefully that will continue into the playoffs. The Eagles story of 2012? Quite different.

St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
What is with Tampa Bay starting strong and finishing bad lately? I think this game will be close though. Kinda want to pick the Rams, but I will go with the home team.

San Diego Chargers at New York Jets
Oh boy. Good luck McElroy.

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers
Packers by 30+ in this game. Aaron Rodgers will have a field day.

Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans
This game could go either way. The Vikings need it more actually. Adrian Peterson searching for 2,000 yards against a tough Texans D will not be easy.

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos
The Broncos are on pace for a BYE and the #2 seed in the AFC. Watch out.....

Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals

New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens
Tough pick here. I can't see the Ravens losing 3 straight games at M&T Bank Stadium, but I also can't see the Super Bowl Champs completely missing the playoffs. One of them is going to happen though.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
If you did not know, this game was going to be Chargers at Jets. You are welcome America!-says NBC. Really though, this is a great game. Can't wait to see how both play against each other. The 12th man could be the difference.

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NFL Week 16 Power Rankings
Only 2 weeks left in the NFL season, so we are down to the wire! The top teams are finally starting to take shape and the bad teams are starting to fade away. The 49ers showed they can compete with anyone, by defeating the Patriots in New England. Peyton Manning and the Broncos continued their winning ways in Baltimore and will remain in the #1 spot for a 6th straight week. Who will compete with them in the AFC? The Patriots and Texans looks to be in the mix, with Baltimore, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh also having something to say.

1. Denver Broncos (11-3)
The Broncos are the best in the league and have been for quite sometime. The mix of a great defense and a great offense is tough to beat. I am not sure they will be beat again.....

2. San Francisco 49ers (10-3-1)
Big win in New England made me see how good San Francisco can be. Having said that, I really think the Seahawks have a great chance at beating them at home this Sunday Night.

3. Green Bay Packers (10-4)
Green Bay won their division for a 2nd straight year. Let's see if they can win some playoff games and maybe even a 2nd Super Bowl in 3 years.

4. New England Patriots (10-4)
The Patriots are still a top team, despite the loss to the 49ers. They are also a team who can be beaten though. Their defense needs to step up it's game for Brady and the offense.

5. Atlanta Falcons (12-2)
The Falcons showed they can hang with the big boys by shutting out the world champions Giants at home on Sunday. I think Atlanta has a great chance of representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. Heck, they might be my favorites to now.

6. Houston Texans (12-2)
The Texans are a great team, but I worry about them going up against Peyton Manning or Tom Brady come playoff time. That will prove how good they really are.

7. Washington Redskins (8-6)
Wow, Kirk Cousins did a pretty good RGIII impression against the Browns. The Redskins have a great chance of winning the NFC East now and if they do: They could be the NFC's dark horse to make a Super Bowl run.

8. Seattle Seahawks (9-5)
I am loving this team right now. They are on fire and are a serious playoff contender. The problem they have is they will likely have to play on the road. Still, I am very impressed with the Seahawks.

9. Dallas Cowboys (8-6)
I am liking how Dallas won these close games against the Bengals and Steelers the last couple weeks. They still have something to say in this whole playoff mix. Can't wait for the Redskins showdown next week!

10. New York Giants (8-6)
I think this is the time of the year where the Giants start playing great. The last two weeks will prove if they can pull off another late season run.

No Thursday games, but we do have the Falcons at the Lions this Saturday Night. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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NFL Week 15 Picks

Down to the final 3 weeks of the NFL Season! I always say that time flies during the NFL season, and it has happened in 2012 as well. Week 15 kicks off tonight in Philadelphia, as the Eagles host the playoff-hungry Bengals. The Bengals are still alive for the #6 seed in the AFC and a win tonight will help a lot towards that goal. Still, the key match-up will be next week against the Steelers. As for the Eagles, this looks to be the final 3 games of Andy Reid's run as Head Coach. It is sad, because he is a great coach, but the wheels have definitely fallen off this year.

Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles
For some reason, I get the feeling that the Eagles will pull off this win tonight. It is a short week and they are at home. We will see if their D can shut down the Bengals offense.

Green Bay Packers
at Chicago Bears
There is still a slight chance that the Bears will not make the playoffs, but I think they will get in. A win Sunday will tie them up with the Packers for the NFC North lead, but I feel Aaron Rodgers and the Pack will pull out the win.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
The Texans were blown out in New England on Monday, now they have a chance to lose the division to the Colts. I think they will end that speculation with a win on Sunday, but if they don't: it could get crazy in Houston.

Denver Broncos
at Baltimore Ravens
The Broncos have been #1 in my Power Rankings for over a month, Peyton Manning has always had success against Baltimore, and the Ravens have not looked great the last couple weeks. Still, I expect a good game.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins
Battle of two Florida teams that will probably only be seen in Florida. Miami seems to be on the right track for a bright future, so they get the edge here.

Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns
Upset Alert! I have said that Cleveland is a pretty good team all season, and I think they have a great shot at defeating a less than 100% RGIII and the Redskins in Cleveland. Should be a good game.

Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams
This is a toss-up game, but the Rams have actually looked pretty good the last few weeks and the game is in St. Louis. Still, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings have impressed me this season. I could see this going either way, so I will go with the home team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints
Not a great year to be a Saints fan, but they still have a team who can put up wins. I would have picked the Buccaneers to make a playoff push, but the loss to the Eagles ruined that.


New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons
This is a statement game for the Falcons. After losing to Carolina, no one is taking this (11-2) team seriously. Including me, as I am taking the Giants in this game. I want Atlanta to win though. It is no fun winning all these games, then folding when it matters most.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals
Both teams keep losing. One has to win. It won't be the Cardinals.

Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers
How does Norv Turner still have a job? Well, he beat the Steelers last week, so let's give him til the end of the season.

Seattle Seahawks
at Buffalo Bills
Seattle is a playoff team. I am finally able to say that with confidence. They still have a chance to win the NFC West too. They are a tough team to beat.

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
Darren McFadden is healthyish, so I will take Oakland in a game that no one will watch or care about. The thing about having great match-ups this week, is that you also have plenty of bad match-ups.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys
Not so sure about the Steelers. Not so sure about the Cowboys. They have played in some classic Super Bowl match-ups though.

San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots
First it was the Texans, now the 49ers try to prove how good of a team they are, by going up to Foxboro to get a win over the Patriots. Unfortunately for San Francisco: I expect another loss for the road team.

New York Jets
at Tennessee Titans
I wonder if ESPN will send out an apology letter for this being the final game of an otherwise great week of football? Probably not. Good news for Jets fans is that Braylon Edwards is back. Who knows how good he will be, but he is an upgrade over most of their current WR's. The Titans played well against the Colts, Jake Locker mistakes cost them the win though. I think the Jets return to .500 with a close win.

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NFL Week 15 Power Rankings
We have played 14 weeks in the NFL season already and here is what we have learned: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the best in the NFL. Haha okay, we might have already known that, but it is clearly true. The Broncos and Patriots are both on a roll right now and if you asked me: on a collision course to meet each other in the AFC Championship Game. The Texans proved they might not be at their level right now, with a big loss in New England on Monday Night, but if they can get home field, it might be a different story playing the game in Houston. I am really excited for this final stretch!


1. Denver Broncos (10-3)
The Broncos keep winning. They have a big test in Baltimore this week. The Ravens are in a must-win scenario and M&T Bank Stadium is always a tough place to play at. A win this week will show why they have been in the #1 spot of my Power Rankings for over a month now.

2. New England Patriots (10-3)
I almost put the Patriots in 1A, but I will go with the #2 spot for now. The Patriots defense is looking better to me, which is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL. Odds of a Super Bowl without the Broncos or Patriots in it: 20%.

3. Green Bay Packers (9-4)
The Packers can wrap up the NFC North with a win in Chicago this week. I expect it to happen too. They are slowly getting healthy and should be at their strongest when the playoffs begin. Just like the Packers wanted....

4. New York Giants (8-5)
Does it look like I am expecting a Broncos-Patriots AFC Championship and a Packers-Giants NFC Championship? Yep. I think those are the four most consistant teams, who will get the job done come playoff time. Still, the Giants final three games are not easy. Could the Redskins slip by them in the NFC East?

5. San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1)
The only other NFC team I really feel can compete with the Packers and Giants are the 49ers. They have a great defense and the offense is starting to get better. A win in New England this Sunday Night could be a HUGE statement.

6. Seattle Seahawks (8-5)
Okay, defeating the Arizona Cardinals has become a weekly event in the NFL, but not the way Seattle did it last week. The Seahawks BEAT DOWN the Cardinals 58-0, including forcing 8 turnovers. Seattle looks better and better week after week.

7. Washington Redskins (7-6)

What a win last week at FedEx Field! Hats off to RGIII and Kirk Cousins. Griffin seems to have escaped a serious injury too, which is great news for Redskins fans. They still have a strong shot at grabbing a playoff spot.

8. Atlanta Falcons (11-2)
Losing to the Panthers is bad, but the Falcons are still highly likely to grab the #1 seed in the NFC. They are a great home team, so I still expect them to have a final say in who goes to the Super Bowl in the NFC.

9. Houston Texans (11-2)
You can't win them all, but Houston needs to bounce back this week against the Colts. Despite having 11 wins, the Texans still have not wrapped up the AFC South. The last thing they need is the Colts beating them and moving one game closer to them.

10. Indianapolis Colts (9-4)
The best thing about the Colts win against the Titans was that Andrew Luck had a bad game. Yep, you read that right! It is good to see the Colts were able to get a team win, despite their star rookie quarterback struggling. They will have to play like that, plus have Luck play well, to win in the playoffs.

Week 15 kicks off tomorrow night with the Bengals at the Eagles. This is actually a big game, playoff-wise, as the Bengals attempt to get the #6 seed in the AFC. The Eagles finally got a win last week in Tampa Bay. Can they get one for their home crowd?
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NFL Week 14 Picks
Week 14 kicks off tonight in Oakland, as the Raiders host Peyton Manning and the red hot Broncos. It has been another bad season in Oakland, so a win tonight would be huge for their fans and their franchise overall. I don't see it happening though. There are other great games this week too, including the battle of the beltway, with the Washington Redskins hosting the Baltimore Ravens. Living in this area, it is nice to see both teams playing at a high level this year, kind of like the Orioles and Nationals did in baseball. Let's get to the picks!

Denver Broncos
at Oakland Raiders
The Broncos are just too much for the Raiders. They compete in some pretty close games with each other, so it still could be a good game between the (9-3) and (3-9) teams, but I will take Denver.

San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers
Big Ben should be back. The Steelers could finish (11-5).

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
I think the Colts will lock up the #5 seed sooner than people think. What an impressive season for Indy.

New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars
Mark Sanchez will continue to start for the Jets, so expect the unexpected. The Jets could win by 40, or lose by 40.

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
The Bears had a big loss to the Seahawks last week, so expect them to bounce back in Minnesota. A loss and all of a sudden the Bears playoff chances start to shift.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
The Falcons are going to be the #1 seed in the NFC. Still, I expect Cam Newton to get pretty excited for a touchdown. Heck, even a first down.

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
How did the Eagles get so bad, so fast? It really is surprising.

St. Louis Rams at Buffalo Bills
This is a tough pick. Both teams lost to the Jets, so you really can't tell how good either team is. I will take the home team Bills.

Dallas Cowboys
at Cincinnati Bengals
I think this counts as an upset. I think Dallas will be able to make some big plays and pull off the win in Cincinnati.

Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins
Big game for the Redskins. I think RGIII will be around for a very long time and the Skins will be competing for the next decade+. Joe Flacco and the Ravens have not been as good as their record says, so I give a slight edge to DC.

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns
The Browns are going for their 3rd straight victory. I told you they were good!

Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers will bounce back this week against the Dolphins. Jim Harbaugh will make sure of it.

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants
I feel bad for the Saints. Tough schedule, no coach, it is not easy to be Drew Brees in 2012. Well, on the football field, that is.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
Seattle is for real. Arizona has lost 8 straight. Poor Cardinals fans.

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
Green Bay should be able to win this game, but it will be close. The Lions have been making it a weekly routine to lose close games.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Houston can officially be considered the best team in the AFC with a win, but I just do not see it happening. Big statement game for both teams.

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NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

Week 14 is here and the Power Rankings are being shaken up even more this week! Mostly due to the huge wins of the Steelers over the Ravens and even more impressive Redskins win over the Giants! The #1 spot will not be changed though, as Peyton Manning and the Broncos continued their winning ways. Picking a Top 10 is really hard this week too with the Giants, Ravens, Bears and 49ers all not looking so great last week.


1. Denver Broncos (9-3)
The Broncos have been #1 for about a month now and rightfully so. Their defense is playing great and their offense is one of the best in the NFL. If they get a BYE in the AFC, watch out! If they don't get a BYE: well, watch out! Haha.

2. New England Patriots (9-3)
These Patriots can show  the NFL world how great they are on Monday Night, as they host the (11-1) Texans. We know Brady and the offense is good, but it is the defense that still worries me.

3. Green Bay Packers (8-4)
The Packers had that little hiccup a couple of weeks ago, but got back on track last week. I still expect them to be there at the end in the NFC.

4. Houston Texans (11-1)
The Texans are still not being taken serious enough by people around the NFL, including this Power Rankings that does not have them at #1 despite their record. A win in New England could change that for them.

5. Atlanta Falcons (11-1)
The Falcons ruined the Saints playoff chances last week and are very close to clinching the #1 seed in the NFC. I think it will be hard for someone to go into Atlanta and win in the playoffs too, so they are in great shape right now.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)
The Steelers just won in Baltimore WITHOUT Big Ben. Now he will be returning this week against a bad Chargers team. The Steelers can still make some noise in 2012. The Ravens have 2 more wins than Pittsburgh, but I think the Steelers are better right now.

7. Washington Redskins (6-6)
RGIII baby! Mike Shanahan thought his team was dead in the water 3 weeks ago, but his players had other ideas. Now the Redskins are just 1 game back of the Giants in the NFC East.

8. New York Giants (7-5)
I still believe Eli and the Giants will find a way to get it done in the end, but games like last Monday Night always happen to the Giants. People seem to only remember them winning Super Bowls, but they are always a pretty average team during the regular season.

9. Seattle Seahawks (7-5)
Russell Wilson continues to shine for Seattle and finally got that big road win against the Bears last week. The Seahawks always struggle on the road, so a win in Chicago is a big boost for them. The NFC West is still within reach.

10. Indianapolis Colts (8-4)
How about that last second finish by Andrew Luck and the Colts last week? They look like they could wrap up the #5 seed in the AFC. What a season! Biggest surprise of the year, no doubt.

-Baltimore Ravens (9-3)
-Chicago Bears (8-4)
-San Francisco 49ers (8-3-1)

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What Do You Do In New York?
Normally, when you are (5-7), you do not get much press. However, this is New York City and this is the New York Jets. Last week, Mark Sanchez was BENCHED for 3rd string quarterback Greg McElroy, after Sanchez threw 3 interceptions against the Cardinals. McElroy would go on to lead the Jets to a 7-6 victory, so the question had to be asked: Who is the Jets starting quarterback now? All year it was always Sanchez or Tebow?

Each week the answer has been Sanchez, as he has started all 12 games. Rex Ryan announced today that he would make it 13, as Sanchez will start at Jacksonville. I agree with the move. I think Sanchez being on the road against a poor (2-10) Jaguars team is a good test. If he continues to struggle against them, then maybe it is time to pull the plug on Sanchez. I would start him until the Jets are officially out of the playoff hunt (currently 2 games back of the 6th Wild Card Spot). Once that happens I would see what Tebow can do, by starting him. Seems like the Jets coaching staff has 0 faith in him though.

What about 2013 now? Very good question. All three quarterbacks are under contract for the Jets in 2013, including Sanchez's over $8 million guaranteed. I think the Jets will either trade or release Tebow. Bring a veteran or rookie in to compete with Sanchez, and keep McElroy as the #3. This is all assuming Rex Ryan is back as Head Coach. If Rex is out, then who knows what will happen? Ah, the life of a Jets fan...

No love for McElroy either, despite leading his team to a much needed win. I was proud of the kid. I have always felt he should be the #2 quarterback this season. Tebowmania has said otherwise though. Still, for his one chance to play this season, he flew like a Jet!

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