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Posts from November 2012

NFL Week 13 Picks
Week 13 begins tonight, as the Saints head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in a MUST WIN for New Orleans. A loss and the Saints playoff hopes would be officially gone, a win would give them hope. The Falcons, on the other hand, are still in line for the #1 seed in the NFC and hope to continue towards that tonight on NFL Network. I think this will be a great game, but could be the end of the line for the 2012 Saints. The good news is TNF finally has a game worth watching for the first time in about a month.

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons
Should be a tight game, 38-35ish, but I will take the home team just as I did last time they played. I would never count out Drew Brees, but Matt Ryan will feast on that terrible Saints defense.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears
Big game for Seattle to prove they can win on the road, but I just do not see it happening. The Bears are on a mission to win the NFC North too.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans
I kind of like the Titans in this game, but then remembered that they just lost to the Jaguars. So yeah, i'll go with Houston.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
Miami always plays their division opponents hard, so it could be closer than New England's 30 point win last week in New York, but I expect a Patriots win.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills
Tough pick, as Jacksonville is currently playing better than Buffalo, but it is in Buffalo and Jacksonville is a warm-weather team, so I will go with the Bills.

Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions
These are the kind of games the Lions win. Expect them to squeak one out at home against the surprise Colts. In some ways, the 2012 Colts are a lot like the 2011 Lions.

Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs baby! They will get win #2 this week.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
The Packers will bounce back after a tough loss in New York. If they don't, the NFC North gets even more wide open.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams
It does not matter who plays quarterback, the 49ers will win this game. I take that back, I am going to predict a TIE.

Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets
The Cardinals are down to their 3rd string QB and have lost seven straight games, so this is a pretty even match-up for the Jets.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos
Should be a good game to watch, but I am going with Denver.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
Is Big Ben back? I doubt it, so I will take the Ravens.

Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers
How is Norv Turner still coaching in San Diego? They have to win sometime though, right?

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders
I love the Cleveland Browns. I don't know why, but I don't see them winning two in a row. I will take Oakland in the Black Hole.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
I feel bad for Andy Reid. And NBC.

New York Giants at Washington Redskins
Finally a big game is coming to FedEx Field! RGIII and the suddenly hot Redskins host Eli Manning and the Super Bowl Champion Giants. Big game for the Redskins and I think it will come down to the wire. I am going to take the Giants because I think the Redskins defense will not be able to stop the Giants offense, but this match-up will be big for the next 5+ years.

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NFL Week 13 Power Rankings
Wow. Only 5 more weeks to go in the regular season! Time really does go by fast when you are having fun. Last week proved a few things: New England is still one of the best teams in the NFL, the Giants can still beat any team, any day of the week, Peyton Manning and the Broncos can win, even if they play bad, RGIII and the Redskins are for real, and yes, the Jets CAN find new ways to lose. Now to the Power Rankings!

1. Denver Broncos (8-3)
They have been #1 longer than most teams, and last week they had a little scare in Kansas City. Still, they are the best in the NFL at the moment.

2. New Englan Patriots (8-3)
I know the Patriots got about, oh I don't know, 28 free points given to them by the Jets on Thanksgiving (a kind holiday jesture by New York), but still the Patriots could have scored 100 points if they wanted. A Brady-Manning AFC Championship Game looks likely to me.

3. New York Giants (7-4)
Big win at home against Rodgers and the Packers on SNF. The game proved to me that when the Giants are ON, they can't be beat. Problem is they are only on half the time.

4. Houston Texans (10-1)
The Texans will never be taken completely seriously until they win in the playoffs, but for now, I think they are one of the best teams in football.

5. Atlanta Falcons (10-1)
The Falcons have the same issue as the Texans, but like Houston, I think they are for real this year.

6. Green Bay Packers (7-4)
You can't win them all, and they looked bad in New York on Sunday. Still, I think the Packers will be there in the end. Half of their stars are currently injured.

7. Baltimore Ravens (9-2)
They never look great, but they find a way to win. The true test will come this Sunday against the Steelers. If they win, it will be smooth sailing for the final 4 weeks.

8. San Francisco 49ers (8-2-1)
They have chosen Colin Kaepernick as their starting quarterback (Over Alex Smith). We will see if that works out. Overall, the 49ers are a stacked team. Might not matter who is behind center.

9. Chicago Bears (8-3)
Jay Cutler is back and the Bears are rolling again. They still have a great chance to steal the NFC North away from Green Bay, which would be a huge surprise.

10. Washington Redskins (5-6)
Yep, call me crazy, but I am putting the Redskins in the Top 10 this week. They played great against two division rivals (Eagles and Cowboys) within four days and now can put the icing on the NFC East cake with a win against the Giants. RGIII is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and I think they have a great shot at pulling the upset on Monday night.

There is you go! This week's Power Rankings. Week 13 picks will be posted before tomorrow night's showdown between the Falcons and Saints in Atlanta.
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Sunday Morning Sports Update
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Thought I would do a little blog this morning. First off, how bad were the Jets on Thursday Night? Yes, that is a real picture of Mark Sanchez running into Brandon Moore's back-side and fumbling the ball for a Patriots touchdown. Just one of New England's three touchdowns in 52 seconds, part of a 35 point second quarter for the Patriots. Just a terrible performance by the Jets. I am still a little sick about it. I expect the Jets (who have an easy final 5 games) to go (3-2) at worst and finishing around (7-9) or (8-8). Is that enough to save Rex Ryan's job? Not sure. If the team plays hard these final five games, it could make the difference.

As for the other games Thursday:
-The Lions should have defeated the Texans MULTIPLE times, but bad teams find a way to lose and it looks like the Lions are back to their old ways. Too bad.

-RGIII and the Redskins, on the other hand, are looking great with two wins in four days and now only 1.5 games back of the Giants in the NFC East. If the Packers defeat the Giants tonight, next Monday's game between the Giants and Redskins will be for the NFC East lead. Hard to believe.

-As for the Cowboys, I am not sure about them. They have too much talent to play the way they do. Very hard to explain Big D. I would not give up on them just yet, but they have to turn it on and fast!

College Football:
-Congratulations to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on finishing out the season (12-0) and securing a spot in the BCS National Championship Game! It has been a long wait for the Irish and their fans, but they are back. And yes, some "luck" was involved. They will play the winner of the Alabama-Georgia game, which should be a great match-up.

-West Virginia's win over Iowa State made them bowl eligible, which is great, but still this is a very disappointing season. They are (6-5) now, likely will beat Kansas to improve to a (7-5) season, but what happens next year when they lose all their playmakers?

-The Michigan-Ohio State game was pretty fun to watch yesterday. Still a great rivalry. Watch out for Ohio State next season. Amazing how great of a coach Urban Meyer is.

-The Wizards hosted the Bobcats last night. The (0-10) Wizards almost got their first win of the season, but instead lost in double overtime to drop to (0-11). That was a close one. I thought they would actually win a game. Tough times in DC.

NHL Lockout:
Well, more games have been cancelled. Now it is til December 14th. Not looking good folks. I am not happy about this at all. I don't get it. I feel bad for the fans too. 95% of the country does not care about hockey and the players and owners are ruining it for the 5% that do. Pathetic. Absolutely terrible.

High School Football:
Congratulations to the Martinsburg Bulldogs on making it to their 3rd straight Championship Game. Hopefully they can win it and make it a 3-peat for the Eastern Panhandle!

Have a great Sunday everyone!
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NFL Week 12 Picks
Nothing better than Thanksgiving Day Football! This year we have three good match-ups too, including great rivalries like Redskins-Cowboys and Patriots-Jets. I am writing this pretty late just so people can see these picks before the games are played. Can't wait to eat some turkey and spend time with the family too. Let's get to the picks!

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions
I took the Texans in my picks, but the more I think about it, I could see the Lions winning at home. Houston almost lost to Jacksonville, so who knows?

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
I feel the same about this game as the last. True toss up. I think the Redskins have a great chance of winning, but I am taking Dallas.

New England Patriots at New York Jets
Toss up #3 on Thanksgiving. The Jets SHOULD HAVE beat New England in New England a month ago, but blew it in the end. Hard to guess which Jets team will show up tomorrow night, but if it is the good one, they can win.

Tennessee Titans
at Jacksonville Jaguars
I am taking the Titans, but Jacksonville could easily win. This is the toughest week of the season to pick games I think!

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts
Luck and the Colts should continue their playoff push at home.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
Yep. I am taking the Browns.

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals
I feel confident the Bengals will win this game.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
Finally a game I am sure of. The Broncos will beat the Chiefs.

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins
Another tough call, but Seattle is not as good on the road as they are at home.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jeesh, each pick is harder than  the last. Tampa Bay could win this home game for sure, but I will pick the (9-1) Falcons.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Who is Chicago's QB going to be? Minnesota has been good lately. Toss up? haha.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers
San Diego has to win. Do or die.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals
This is a toss up in a negative way. Who will play less terrible?

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints
I am taking the Saints. Both playing good, but it is in New Orleans and they need it more.

Green Bay Packers
at New York Giants
The NFL rocks on NBC! I am taking the Packers in another close one.

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have to win sometime. Might as well be at home on Monday Night Football.

This concludes the hardest week I have ever had at picking NFL games in my entire life. I could get them all right or all wrong. Happy Thanksgiving!

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NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Thanksgiving Edition
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The season is flying by, with Week 12 right around the corner. This week's Power Rankings are going to be a Thanksgiving Edition. For each team I will write what they are thankful for and yes, just like the Halloween Edition, I will use all 32 teams! Yes, even the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs have something to be thankful for. If they don't, I will make it up! So all is good. Haha. Okay, on to the Power Rankings!


1. Denver Broncos (7-3)
This one is easy: Peyton Manning. Let me throw another name out there: John Elway. Why? Because he signed Peyton Manning and traded Tim Tebow. Winner.

2. Green Bay Packers (7-3)
Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy and the best fans in the NFL.

3. New England Patriots (7-3)
Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Bills, Dolphins and Jets.

4. Houston Texans (9-1)
Schaub, Foster, Johnson and that Peyton Manning is not a Colt anymore.

5. Atlanta Falcons (9-1)
Bountygate, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and their amazing Wide Recievers.

6. Baltimore Ravens (8-2)
Byron Leftwich, Ray Rice and a great home crowd.

7. San Francisco 49ers (7-2-1)
Another easy one: Jim Harbaugh. He has changed everything over night.

8. New York Giants (6-4)
Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, and Victor Cruz.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)
The Steelers showed they are still a tough team, even without Ben Roethlisberger. That impressed me. What are they thankful for though? Tough one. Having Ben, a top defense, and Plax back!

10. Seattle Seahawks (6-4)
Russell Wilson's future, a great defense, and a home crowd that will give you a headache!

11. New Orleans Saints (5-5)

12. Chicago Bears (7-3)
A great defense and hopefully a healthy Jay Cutler soon.

13. Indianapolis Colts (6-4)
Andew Luck of course, and being Chuck-Strong!

14. Dallas Cowboys (5-5)
Rob Ryan, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and company get some hate, but they are responsible for the 5 wins too folks!

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4)
Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin baby! That is what Josh Freeman is saying at least.

16. Minnesota Vikings (6-4)

17. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)
Marvin Lewis is thankful he still has a job. I don't know how he has pulled it off, but I am impressed.

18. Detroit Lions (4-6)
Megatron, Stafford, and the 2011 season.

19. New York Jets (4-6)
The New York Media?

20. Miami Dolphins (4-6)
Tannehill's future, Reggie Bush back in September, and the Miami weather.

21. San Diego Chargers (4-6)
Philip Rivers is thankful to be in San Diego instead of New York with the Giants. Who would want to win 2 Super Bowls anyway?

22. Tennessee Titans (4-6)
Chris Johnson being Chris Johnson, a decent defense, and country music.

23. Washington Redskins (4-6)

24. Buffalo Bills (4-6)
Preseason Power Rankings.

25. Arizona Cardinals (4-6)
The first four weeks of the NFL season.

26. St. Louis Rams (3-6-1)

27. Cleveland Browns (2-8)
The Browns are thankful that despite them continuing to lose, I feel they are a pretty good team. Should have beat Dallas last week.

28. Carolina Panthers (2-8)
Cam Newton's potential. Still have to hold on to that!

29. Oakland Raiders (3-7)
The people of the Black Hole. At least I would tell them I am thankful for them. Wouldn't want to get on their bad side.

30. Philadelphia Eagles (3-7)
Andy Reid: The Good Years. Let us not forget!

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9)
Dare I say Chad Henne? An offense that has finally shown up? Who knows!

32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)
The NFL Draft.

Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for reading! I will post my Week 12 picks either tonight or tomorrow.
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NFL Week 11 Picks
Week 11 kicks off tonight in Buffalo, with the (3-6) Bills hosting the (4-5) Dolphins. The AFC East likely has 3 teams who will not be in the postseason, but the Dolphins have been a bit of a surprise. No one thought they would even compete in 2012, instead they are a few bounces away from being in line for a playoff spot. Some thought the Bills would jump over the Jets and Patriots this year to take the AFC East crown, instead they have been a huge disappointment. A big problem for them is their defense. They spent a lot of money on it,  yet it is worse than last year.
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
Now to the actual game tonight: It is going to be cold in Buffalo, which gives them an edge. Fred Jackson being out hurts, but CJ Spiller should be able to carry the load. Miami is going to have to depend on Reggie Bush, but also take some shots down field with Tannehill. This is a toss up, but I will go with the home team Bills.

Green Bay Packers
at Detroit Lions
The Lions must win this game to have any hope at making the playoffs this year, but I think that hope is gone. Losing in Minnesota last week was a big loss. The 2011 Lions were a great story, but 2012 the Lions returned to form.

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons suffered their first loss of the year against the Saints last week, but it could actually help them. There is no more pressure to be undefeated. Now they can just focus on getting the #1 seed in the NFC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers
The Bucs have been impressing me lately, but for some reason I get the feeling Cam Newton and the Panthers will get this win. Not sure why.

Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys
Can the Cowboys get on a little run here and challenge the Giants for the NFC East? It is possible. A win against the Browns would bring the Cowboys to within 1 game of the defending Champs.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins
Nick Foles gets his first start as an Eagle, against RGIII and the Redskins. I am going with the better QB in this battle of (3-6) teams.

New York Jets at St. Louis Rams
The Jets are a joke. At (3-5-1), the Rams have a better record than New York.

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs
I wanted to take the Chiefs in this game, but they are so bad. I mean bad.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Houston will continue the road to the #1 seed in the AFC with what should be an easy win against the Jaguars.

New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders
The Saints can get back to .500 this week in Oakland. They have such a tough schedule down the stretch, but you have to give Drew Brees and company credit for not giving up.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos
This is the kind of win that can save Norv Turner's job, but I don't see it happening. Actually, how does he still have it? The Broncos will win this game and the AFC West.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots
Both teams are (6-3). That is shocking. I assumed the Patriots would be better and the Colts would be worse, but that is why they play the game. Andrew Luck actually has a good match-up against a terrible Patriots pass defense. Still, I have to go with the home team.

Baltimore Ravens
at Pittsburgh Steelers
It is unfortunate that Big Ben was injured Monday Night against the Chiefs. Without him, I don't think this will be a good game. With him, I would have taken Pittsburgh.

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers
People kept saying "Yeah the Bears are good, but can they beat good teams?" Losing to the Texans and 49ers would make you think "No", but I still think the Bears are a good team. If Jay Cutler was 100% they could have beaten both.

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NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Okay, you might not want to be ranked #1 in my NFL Power Rankings. Seems like any time I put someone there, they lose. This time it was the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. I never really took them too seriously this season, and when I finally did: the New Orleans Saints beat them. Now, that was a tough game for Atlanta and they are still a great team, but they can't remain at #1. So who gets the top spot this week? Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. I have a feeling they will not lose it for awhile too. Too good.

NFL Power Rankings:

1. Denver Broncos (6-3)
There is a great chance that Denver will finish the season (12-4) at worst. The schedule is not so bad and they are clicking at every level. I would not want to play them.

2. Green Bay Packers (6-3)
The Packers need to improve their defense. If they do: they might never lose again. Aaron Rodgers has the offense rolling. They need to run the ball to take pressure off of him, but not too much. Let him sling it!

3. Houston Texans (8-1)
The Texans were able to survive that rain storm in Chicago and still have a great chance to get home field in the AFC. If they get it, they will be hard to beat.

4. Atlanta Falcons (8-1)
Not too far of a drop for the Falcons. They can beat anyone, any Sunday. The defense finally had a bad week, but it was against Drew Brees, so no surprise.

5. Baltimore Ravens (7-2)
The Ravens blew out the Raiders and now get to play Pittsburgh without Ben Roethlisberger. Things are looking back up in Baltimore. They now have to be the clear favorites to win the AFC North.

6. New England Patriots (6-3)
They barely beat Buffalo at home, should have lost to the Jets at home, and actually did lose to the Cardinals at home. Somehow, they are (6-3) though, and tough to bet against.

7. Seattle Seahawks (6-4)
The Seahawks are a pretty good team. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL and Russell Wilson has a bright future ahead of him. Hard to tell if they will make the playoffs, but they impressed me this week.

8. San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1)
The 49ers did not impress me at all this week, being outplayed by the Rams, and the game ending in a tie. Still, their defense is strong.

9. Indianapolis Colts (6-3)
How about Andrew Luck? He truly is the real deal. This team was a joke last year and now are in a great position to make the playoffs with Luck as a rookie. Their defense is still bad, not too many weapons on offense, but Luck is THAT good.

10. New Orleans Saints (4-5)
The Saints are hot right now, including defeating the undefeated Saints, but they are still on a long road to make the playoffs. Still, I would not want to play them right now.

Teams who dropped out of the Top 10:

-Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) Last week: #7
The Steelers are not a Top 10 team without Ben Roethlisberger. That simple. Remember, my Power Rankings are weekly. I would much rather play the Steelers without Ben, than the Saints with Drew Brees. I think you can understand that.

-Chicago Bears (7-2) Last Week: #6
Same situation in Chicago. Jason Campbell did not look good after Jay Cutler got hurt. I am not sure if Cutler will be back this week or not, but if not, the Bears are not the same.

-New York Giants (6-4) Last Week: #8
Man, the Giants don't have injuries as an excuse, they have just been bad the last couple of weeks. They have the bye week to fix things though. I expect them to get back on track.

Week 11 starts tomorrow night in Buffalo, where Ryan Fitzpatrick and the disappointing Bills host Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins. As an AFC East fan, I will watch the game, but might not be a pretty one.

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NFL Week 10 Picks

Here we go! Week 10 is here! Tonight the Jaguars host the Colts in what looks to be a mismatch. However, the only win the Jaguars have this year? You guessed it! Against the Colts. Let's get to the picks!

Indianapolis Colts
at Jacksonville Jaguars
I am not sure how anyone can pick Jacksonville in any game for the rest of the season, but this is actually one they have a shot in. It is a home game against a young team who had two days to prepare for them. Still, I am going with Indy.

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Is Tampa Bay good again? Hard to tell, but they have played pretty well this season. I don't like San Diego having to travel across the country and playing at 1:00. I mean, look at what happened in Cleveland.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins and Titans are pretty even teams, but I think the Dolphins will pull this one off. They have a better defense and Reggie Bush has outplayed Chris Johnson this year. Speaking of Reggie Bush, why didn't he play like this the last six years?

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
This one should be an easy win for New England. Buffalo was one of the most overrated teams coming into 2012. I mean overrated.

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens
People are counting out the Ravens, yet they will be (7-2) after this game if they win. Their defense is not what it was, but the Ravens can win any game they show up to.

Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton continues to ask for suggestions on how the Panthers can get on track. Here is a suggestion: Don't play Peyton Manning.

New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals
I picked the Giants, but the more I think about it, I think the Bengals will win this game. They can't fall to (3-6), can they? I guess this game is a toss up now, but I will stick with the Giants.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
Another toss up game for me. I think Minnesota gets the edge for being at home, but Detroit is playing better right now. I will take the Lions and predict Megatron has 2 touchdowns.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
The Falcons are #1 in my Power Rankings this week, which usually means that team will lose the following week. This is a must-win for the Saints and it is in New Orleans, so again, I will pick against the undefeated Falcons.

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks are (4-0) at home, the Jets are coming off a bye week, neither offense has played very well this season, interesting match-up. I feel like taking the more desperate teams this week, so I will take the Jets, but if they lose: Season Over. Seattle is the better team though, so we will see.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
Speaking of picking the desperate team, this game has two in it! Hard to imagine one of these teams will be (3-6) but it is going to happen. I am taking the home team Eagles here, but Dallas could easily win. Well, I shouldn't say easily, as we know both teams make every game harder on themselves.

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers
LOCK. 49ers win this game with ease. The Rams are getting better though.

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears
Great match-up! Both teams are (7-1) and both teams are underrated by many people. I expect this game to be decided by the defenses. Both teams' defenses make big plays each week. Still, a Cutler to Marshall or Schaub to Johnson game winning touchdown would not surprise me either.

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers
This game shows how disappointing the Chiefs are this year. The NFL thought this would be a good match-up, worth being televised nationally. They were wrong. The Chiefs are terrible. Expect a BIG Steelers win.

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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings
Another exciting week in the NFL is in the books and Week 10 is near. One team has been undefeated the entire season, yet has never been #1 in my Power Rankings.....until today! The (8-0) Falcons beat the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and proved that they really do belong at the top. I am not saying Dallas is a great team, but it was a must-win for them and Atlanta held strong. Another reason they are #1 is former #1 New York Giants looked terrible against Big Ben and the Steelers. There were many bad calls in the game, but the better team pulled out the win in the end. I still think the Giants will bounce back from the loss though. Heck, they normally don't start playing well until Week 16 anyway. 

Week 10 Power Rankings:
1. Atlanta Falcons (8-0)
I still feel the most impressive thing about Atlanta is how their defense has played this year. We all knew the offense would be great, but this was a surprise. We also knew Matt Ryan was good, but he is stepping up his game in 2012.

2. Denver Broncos (5-3)
There is no question that I think Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game and now the team is starting to get on the same page with him. Denver is going to be tough to beat from now on. 

3. Green Bay Packers (6-3)
I had the Broncos playing the Packers at Super Bowl XLVII in my NFL Preview, and I still feel they are 2 of the best teams in the game. Still, the Packers may not even win the NFC North with how the Bears are playing right now. 

4. New England Patriots (5-3)
The AFC East is bad this year. The Patriots have not played like their normal selves yet, but they don't have to. Just as long as they click before the playoffs, they will be fine. 

5. Houston Texans (7-1)
The Texans could be the best team in the NFL, but I still am not quite sure if they will win when they have to. I guess we will see.

6. Chicago Bears (7-1)
I feel the same about the Bears as I do the Texans. They both are clearly great teams, but you have to wonder if they will beat the big teams come playoff time.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)
The Steelers are hot right now. Many people thought the Steelers would not be a great team this year, but those people forgot that this is a quarterback-driven league.....and Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best.

8. New York Giants (6-3)
The Giants drop from #1 to #8 this week because they looked pretty bad on Sunday. Still, expect them to jump back up soon enough. That is how the Giants have been the last few seasons.

9. San Francisco 49ers (6-2)
Due to the bye week the 49ers dropped from #6 to #9. That is not fair. They didn't play! Come on! Hey, this is a "what have you done for me lately?" league. What can I say? In related news: due to the bye week, the Jets moved up 3 spots.

10. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)
Some people are ready to give up on the Ravens, despite their record. I am not. They are definitely a playoff team and who knows what could happen once they get in? Will they win the AFC North? That is a good question.

5 Most disappointing teams at the half-way mark:
1. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)
How can a team with this much talent be 2 games under .500 after 8 games? Hard to figure out. Andy Reid has taken much of the blame, as has Michael Vick, you have to wonder if it is too late for both.

2. Dallas Cowboys (3-5)
The Cowboys should not be (3-5). They play well, but then make terrible mistakes to cost them games almost every week. They are tough to explain.

3. New Orleans Saints (3-5)
We knew them not having a head coach would not be easy, but the Saints are better than a (3-5) team. I still think they can turn it around, but their schedule might make it too difficult.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5)
People thought after their 2011 playoff season Andy Dalton and AJ Green would take the next step this year and be even better. Instead, the Bengals have been below average and flat out bad at times. I don't know why it is so hard for Marvin Lewis to put 2 straight good seasons together in Cincy.

5. Carolina Panthers (2-6)
No one thought the Panthers would be a Super Bowl team this year, but no one thought they would be this bad either. Cam Newton looked great in 2011 and now looks lost under center. He is still taking suggestions if you have any.

Bonus: New York Jets (3-5)

I did not put the Jets on the list because of injuries to Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes, Sione Pouha, etc, but they are surely a disappointing team. Rex Ryan was voted the most Overrated Coach in the NFL this week, and I have to say: It makes sense. They went from back to back title game appearances, to self-destructing (8-8) in 2011 and now (3-5). Not good.

Week 10 kicks off tomorrow night, as the Jaguars host Andrew Luck and the surprise (5-3) Colts. The Colts won 2 games last year. They could have 6 by tomorrow night.
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NFL Week 9 Picks
Week 9 is upon us tonight, as the San Diego Chargers host the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a must win for both, but a little more for the Chargers I feel. At (3-4), they still have a chance to make the playoffs. The Chiefs are (1-6), don't have a healthy QB, and have played bad in almost every game this year. Norv Turner's time in San Diego could be coming to an end even if they make the playoffs, but he could be fired tomorrow with a loss tonight. With a win, they would move to (4-4) and still have a decent shot at even winning the AFC West, but a loss would be big. They have too much talent to be (3-5). Let's get to the picks!

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers
Like I said, San Diego has to win.

Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers
The Cardinals won their first 4 games. The Packers will give them their 5th straight loss since.

Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars
This game is a toss up, but no one in their right mind can pick the Jaguars at this moment. Still, I could see them winning.

Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans
This is another tough one. I could see the Titans pulling off this win at home, but Cutler and the Bears need to win games like this.

Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals
The Broncos are on a roll. The Bengals are not. Again, this is another game where the home team is the underdog, but I could still see them win.

Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins
Cam Newton vs. Robert Griffin III. Should be a fun game to watch. Unfortunately, the teams around the two QB's are not that great.

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
I am taking the Browns in this game. The Old Browns. Ouch.

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts
The Colts play well at home, but Miami's defense is for real. I have literally gone back and forth on who to pick in this game, that is why it is the Game of the Week.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans
Seriously, how can you give Ryan Fitzpatrick that contract?

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks play great at home, Minnesota looked really bad agains the Buccaneers, which means they will win on the road in Seattle right? Haha.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Oakland Raiders
Super Bowl XXXVII re-match. I am sure it will be just as good of a game. Well, maybe not. The real question is who does Jon Gruden think will win?

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants
This really is the Game of the Week, but I had to give the Colts and Phins some love. Eli Manning vs. Ben Roethlisberger. 4 Super Bowl Championships between the 2004 Draft Class QB's, could one of them get their 3rd this year?

Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons
Dallas is a confusing team. Atlanta is good, but this is a game they could lose. Still, I think Dallas will probably give the Falcons the win, even if they don't want it.

Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints
I'm taking Drew Brees over Michael Vick. Both teams have been disappointing though, to say the least.

The Patriots might be on a BYE WEEK, but they are still playing! They just traded for Buccaneers Cornerback Aqib Talib. Finally someone to help their weak secondary.

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