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Panhandle Live is an hour long journey across West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle.  The area's longest running local talk program offering relevant news, politics, and information to listeners.  Host and WEPM news director Hans Fogle has distinguished himself in the news industry and brings that knowledge to the conversation as he discusses the issues of the day with local officials, state leaders, business members, and anyone else contributing to life in Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson Counties.

Through Panhandle Live, Fogle provides his listeners with unequaled access to people making the news happen from outside their front doors to the capitol dome in Charleston.  It's a daily combination of journalism, fun, and local flavor.

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Posts from August 2012

Panhandle Live for August 29, 2012


I'd like to start this post by thanking the men and women serving in law enforcement and the dangerous work they do everyday. Everything was over shadowed today by the news that a West Virginia State Trooper was killed in the line of duty last night. The Governor has ordered all U.S. and State flags to fly at half staff. It is a sad day and a reminder of the importance of the work these folks do day in and day out to keep all of us safe.


We got the day started with Carissa Collins, the regional coordinators for the Alzheimer's Association, WV chapter. The Walk to End Alzheimer's is coming up Oct. 13th at War Memorial Park! There is still room to get a team started. Carissa filled us in on the importance of the walk and detailed the disease. She also shared their 24 hour hotline 1-800-272-3900 or visit them online.

Craig Blair continued his coverage of the 2012 RNC. He was blown away by some of the speakers he saw yesterday. He commented on the speeches by Ann Romney and NJ Governor Chris Christie, but said he “fell in love” with mayor of Saratoga Springs and candidate for congress Mia Love. Check out Craig's review.


Bryan Clark took us behind the headlines at the Spirit of Jefferson, but not before talking with Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Maloney. He is also in Tampa and joined us on the Frontier Communications Hotline. Find out what he thinks of his first national party convention and how his campaign is shaping up as November approaches.  Check out the Spirit on newsstands now and online.


And we wrapped up the day talking with Kimberlee Kesner and Jeremy Wright. Jeremy and his daughter Carmen were seriously injured in a vehicle accident back in May. A tire blew out on their car and they veered into oncoming traffic. Now bills are stacking up and Jeremy is still unable to return to work. This is a classic case of circumstances beyond one's control. So this Saturday (Sept. 1) come to the South Berkeley Fire Company Substation on Rt. 11 by Airport Road from 8:00am to 5:00pm for a Yard/Bake Sale, Vendor Tables, Silent Auction to benefit Jeremey and Carmen Wright. Contact Kimberly Kesner at (540) 550-5634 to reserve a vendor space or make a donation.

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Panhandle Live for August 28, 2012


Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tina Combs was in today to shine the “Chamber Spotlight” on Around the Panhandle Magazine with publisher Mike Hornby. We got a history of the periodical and what has been happening there for the last four years.


Next was former delegate Craig Blair. He was gearing up for a big day at the Republican National Convention. The republican national platform was to be adopted and Blair offered some insight on what areas he feels the GOP has right for West Virginia.


And after four years, the board in charge of the electric grid in the Mid-Atlantic States, PJM, decided to remove the Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) from their regional transmission plans. Karyn Newman and Patience Wait have been waiting to hear those words for all that time. Joe Ferretti joined me in studio to talk with these members of Stop PATH and find out what is next for their cause.


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Panhandle Live for August 27, 2012


Craig Blair joined us from Tampa via the Frontier Communications Hotline for an update on the Republican National Convention. Craig had some interesting observations on the event so far, and said that it will be a good week for folks to get an idea about where the party is headed. Stay tuned this week as Craig Joins us each morning around 8:30.

President of Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Dr. Peter Checkovich had a good report card for the college's new facilities, and said the year had gotten underway without a hitch. There are some looming budget cuts at the state level that Dr. Checkovich said will be trickling down to the school. Hear his take on that and find out more about the school at their website.


Judy Boykin and Cheryl Durst offered us an update on Animal Advocates of West Virginia (AAWV). They had some thoughts on performing animals and where to draw the line between entertainment and cruelty. They also spoke about some legislation they plan to support in next year's legislative session.

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We had a good time this morning talking about the 2012 Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow. Nic Diehl, who sits on the TOTBR board, spoke about the decision to go forward with another show despite the slowly recovering economy and last year's tragedy. We were also lucky enough to speak with airport historian Bart Rogers. There have been air shows at Shepherd Field since the 1920's? Check out the interview. The open house at the 167th Airlift Wing and 2012 Thunder over the Blue Ridge Air Show happens Sept. 15-16. It will once again benefit the United Way of the Eastern Panhandle. 


We got a preview of the high school football season with the voice of sports in the Eastern Panhandle and host of “In the Zone” Fred Persinger II. Listen in for a look at some area teams and check out the broadcast schedule this year! 



And we wrapped up the week talking with Jefferson County Commissioner Lyn Widmyer. She spoke about the proposals for U.S. 340, the county's hiring of an administrator and an upcoming get together.

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Panhandle Live for August 23, 2012

We were able to get some time with republican candidate for WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey ahead of press conference held to outline what his first 90 or so days in office might look like if he were elected. He said he would focus on three main issues: healthcare, economic development, and ethics. He continued accusations that his opponent in November, AG Darrell McGraw, has spent tax payer dollars to promote his re-election campaign. Morrisey is not along in such charges. Check out the interview and follow the campaign at Morrisey's website.


We got some insight into the so called “War on Women” as well when Dr. Christina Vogt joined us. Both republicans and democrats have been accused of being unfair to women. As you will hear in the interview, Dr. Vogt takes a lot of exception to legislation she says violates the constitutional rights of women. She backs up her opinions and even has some statistics I think some will find surprising. Find out more at the NOW website. This is a sensative topic though with multiple facets,  I have found some counter arguments you may find interesting, but do listen to Dr. Vogt and see what you think.


In our Veterans Affairs Medical Center Spotlight Rick Nappi brought Phil Garvey in 

studio to talk about Veteran's Services. Phil is an actual hospital employee and can help steer veterans in the right direction when it comes to accessing their benefits. You can learn more at the VA website, and contact Phil directly at (304) 263-0811 ext. 2082. 


And we got a jump on Flu season with the Berkeley County Health Department. Swine flu is up to 200 cases in the U.S., and while it is hardly an epidemic, it is something to be aware of. Flu shots coming up Sept. 7th! Get more info online or call
(304) 267-7130.


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Panhandle Live for August 22, 2012


Always nice to catch up with Dan Mace from Mace TV. He is working hard all the time to keep his television network going. We even got to talk with local artist and now host of her own program on Mace TV Jocelynn Lowens. I must say I am truly impressed with her work. You can see that on her website or at area galleries. You can also see her show “Jocelynn on the Arts” at Mace TV. And don't forget Dan is turning the tables on me next month when I appear as a guest on his video magazine “Talk of the Town”. It films next Wednesday at the Purple Iris before a live studio audience. Stop by at 7:00pm to see the show
(and get some free food!).


We spoke with Bryan Clark from the Spirit of Jefferson. Some updates regarding the half-way house for federal prison inmates proposed for Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. We also looked at a civil suit against the Charles Town Police Department, but I will let you get more details there by picking up the spirit on news stands and visiting their website.


And we got our first chance to visit with republican candidate for U.S. Senate John Raese. He spoke about the need for a business plan in America. He spoke about his opponent, democratic Senator Joe Manchin, and his voting record. The Raese campaign has linked that heavily to President Obama. Check out the interview and see if you line up with Mr. Raese on some of the issues. Learn more at his campaign website.


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Panhandle Live for August 21, 2012


An inspirational chat this morning with the President of the National Federation of the Blind of West Virginia of the Eastern Panhandle Keryl Rustin and Secretary Kathy Hansen. Keryl lost her vision about six yeas ago and told us about the impact the NFB has had on her life.


They meet twice a month. The group is open to the blind and visually impaired as well as those without visual impairment. Learn more about Contact Keryl at (304) 260-6326 or at . Find out more about them at their website.

Medical Director at Hospice of the Panhandle Dr. Andrea Allen was our guest for Hospice IN the Panhandle. She spoke about cancer patients and the idea of seeking information about Hospice BEFORE needing their services. It is a good idea for anyone. Imagine how much easier such a time might be if you did not have to go through a totally unfamiliar process. As we have discussed before, many do not receive Hospice treatment in time. Dr. Allen spoke about overcoming some of the stigma surrounding Hospice.

Learn more at their website or call (304) 264-0406.

We also chatted with Berkeley County Sheriff Kenny Lemaster. Busy guy! His deputies got through another successful Youth Fair and helped out with Bike Night. Now it's back to school time. The Sheriff spoke about his deputies stationed in area high schools and about some technologies at work to make schools safer.

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Panhandle Live for August 20, 2012

I am changing things up a bit with our blog posts. I want to continue to offer a recap of the daily programs, but thought offering audio highlights might be a better way to arrange things moving forward. So for the first day of school we welcomed in Superintendent Manny Arvon. One of his big focuses this year is bus safety. Every year people pass stopped school buses creating a very dangerous situation for all concerned. I was very happy we got to talk about Eagle School's recently announced status as a “school of choice”. Although it sounds like a good thing it is not. A school of choice has failed to meet AYP (Annual yearly Progress) for two consecutive years, but as Arvon explained, it is not a real picture of the school and certainly no reflection on faculty.


We also spoke with Berkeley County Councilwoman Elaine Mauck. She has been really scrutinizing the situation with the CVB and Pickin' in the Panhandle. You may recall that Executive Director of the CVB Andrea Ball was with us earlier to talk about the revenue loss suffered at the annual blue grass and BBQ festival and the millions of dollars in economic impact. Councilwoman Mauck wants to look more closely at the event.

And we chatted with Martinsburg Mayor George Karos and City Manager Mark Baldwin. It looks like the Raleigh Street Extension is going well. The Mayor and Mr. Baldwin seem to think it means good things for the city on multiple levels.


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Panhandle Live for August 17, 2012


What a way to wrap up the week! The West Virginia Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation and Hagerstown/Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization held some informational workshops yesterday to seek possible solutions to the congestion problem along U.S. 340. There are a lot of interested parties, including one of the groups working to create the Eastern Panhandle Recreational Trail.


Bill Yearout sat down with Joe Ferretti and me to chat about the situation and a potential opportunity it creates for the region.  Here is the map of the proposed Eastern Panhandle Recreational Trail:

You can comment on the situation on U.S. 340 through Sept. 17th. Written comments can be mailed to Pennington at 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, WV 25305.

Comments can be emailed to Tim Sedosky at

More information is available at the WVDOH website at  or just leave a comment.


Next we got an update on the Boydville property in Martinsburg. Susan Whalton, member of the Berkeley County Farmland Protection Board, returned for an update on the sale of that property, along with attorney Dave Hammer. A meeting an executive session yesterday has moved the process along some, and according to Mr. Hammer, the City of Martinsburg will regain at least a part of the $750,000 they invested into the property when it was purchased in 2005!

Mr. Hammer stayed with us as we ended the show chatting with Jefferson County Commissioner Frances Morgan She and her daughter are getting ready for the Fair that starts next week. Commissioner Morgan also had some news regarding a proposed half way house for federal inmates and some recent funding allocations.


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Panhandle Live for August 16, 2012

We got a chance to hit some on some of the deception in the national race for president this morning. The newest target being the new Republican VP pick, Rep. Paul Ryan. According to, some Obama campaign staffers have misrepresented the Ryan budget. Some overtly and some by omission.


On the other side of the aisle, the Romney camp has hit the President hard on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but some of their figures do not add up. Again, fear tactics as bad as the ones used against Ryan.


The bottom line for me was that if we hold advertisers to make factual statements about products, why not our politicians? How can we allow a campaign or Super PAC or any group to make reaching statements, offer misleading information, or out right lie? Also, where is the media here? When a candidate makes a false statement or utters a half truth in an interview, where is the follow up? Were is the disclaimer stating the facts of a situation? I am not perfect in that myself, but I also am not blessed with a large staff of researchers and a big budget. If the pres is meant to be the gate keeper of information, then we are in big trouble.


We did get to a lighter topic later in the program Executive Director of Mainstreet Martinsburg Randy Lewis stopped in to preview Bike Night coming up this Saturday. No word yet on what the bike route will be but riders are gathering at the Berkeley Plaza at 1pm to prepare. They arrive down town at 5:00pm for all the fun.

No parking after 7 a.m. in the 100 block of East Burke Street and East Burke Street parking lot.
No parking after noon in the 100 block of West Burke Street.
No parking after 1 p.m. in the 100 blocks of East and West Martin Street; 100 and 200 blocks of North Queen Street; 100, 200 and 300 blocks of South Queen Street; 100 block of East King Street; and 100 and 200 blocks of West King Street.  
Parking restrictions will remain in effect until 11:00 Saturday night.


Shepherdstown based comedian Mike Diesel was in to talk comedy and to promote his show. He had a lot of behind the scenes information on what it takes to be a professional comic, and seemed excited to get people out to the show this Saturday, 9:00pm at J & T's Bar and Grill. Tickets at
(304) 229-3731.



And exciting news from the Eastern West Virginia community Foundation. Executive Director Michael Wholton joined us to talk about three programs. The first is the Two Rivers Giving Circle. They have a grant deadline of September 17th for the next cycle of grants from this group. The second is the Arts In Education grants program. This is the third (and final) year of a grant from the Benedum Foundation. The focus this year is on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with Arts added to the mix, changing the acronym to STEAM. Deadline for these grant applications is September 12th. And finally, there is a great opportunity for folks to double their contributions to two of our favorite endowments. We recently received a matching funds challenge to build the endowments of Community Networks, Inc. (Bethany House) and the Shenandoah Women's Center. The donor has pledged up to $1,000 for each endowment. So anyone wishing to support the endowments of Bethany House or the Shenandoah Women's Shelter can effectively double their contributions by taking advantage of this dollar-for-dollar match.  You can send a check and simply make a note in the memo line where you would like to put your gift.  Call (304) 264-0353 or check out the EWVCF online for more information.


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Panhandle Live for August 15, 2012

Fun show today as Chris Jones joined us from the Hedgesville Church to promote the second Great Backpack Giveaway! It is coming up this Sunday, August 19th from 3pm to 6pm. Free backpacks filled with essential school supplies for kids plus a day of fun activities. No strings attached! You can check out the Hedgesville Church on Facebook and at their website to learn more.

You may have caught 7 Day Creation playing at events around the community. Mike Criss and Vic Potter stopped by today to tell the story of the band and talk about how a ministry developed around their music. The play for non-profit groups and other worthwhile causes. Catch them in concert August 25th at the Comfort Inn to benefit C-CAP/Loaves and Fishes. Then you can see them at War Memorial Park September 1st. Find out more and grab a CD online!


Great conversation with Rob Snyder and Christine Miller Ford from the Spirit of Jefferson. A big weekends and some good news for the paper. Check out what's happening here, by picking up a copy of the Spirit, or at their website.


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Panhandle Live for August 14, 2012


We got to meet Berkeley County's new Litter Control Assistant Frank Shifflett this morning in our monthly “Trash Talk” segment. Berkeley County Councilwoman Elaine Mauck filled in for Litter Control Officer Donna Sieler. We spoke about Shifflett's position and the future of the program in Berkeley County.

Then we celebrated 75 years of Appalachian Trail with Executive Director of the AT Conservancy in Harpers Ferry Mark Wenger. Wenger gave us a history lesson on the trail and talked about the trail's future. Learn more at their website!


Community Director March of Dimes of the Eastern Panhandle Michelle Coffey joined us to talk about the Signature Chef Auction that will, for the first time, be open! A limited number of single tickets for the event will be sold. You can get those tickets at or call (304) 702-6600. The Signature Chef Auction takes place Oct. 4 at the Martinsburg Holiday.


And after the news broke that the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Convention and Visitor's Bureau's Pickin' in the Panhandle event loses money each year Executive Director Andrea Ball came on the program. She said that while they do lose money on Pickin' the overall economic impact is for the area. Check out Pickin' in the Panhandle!

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Panhandle Live for August 13, 2012


This morning Stefani Pierson sat down in the studio for a recap of last week's Inside the Huddle with Tony Caridi and the annual golf tournament. This was the firstyear the two events have been held back-to-back (Thursday and Friday). The golf outing is typically in October. Pierson talks about the impact that will have and about getting back into school mode. Visit the Boys and Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle online for information on how to help.


Pat McMillan joined us for a monthly look at housing. The market is showing signs of growth, but that does not mean everyone can, will or should buy a home. McMillan talks about various resources and offers sound advice for anyone considering making the investment in a home. Contact McMillan at 304-264-2131 x 278 or e-mail at


And Tina Dorsey was back to tell us about the Lady Appleseeds, a volunteer group she began in January. The seven members participate with other groups for all sorts of activities. They raise their own funds with events like a mini-fair in October and a big yard sale in September. Find out more on the Lady Appleseeds website. Contact Dorsey at


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Panhandle Live for August 10, 2012


WV Attorney General Darrell McGraw and Assistant Attorneys General Norman Googel and
Heather Connolly joined us to talk about some of the differences between laws in West Virginia and laws in surrounding states. For instance, did you know there are different expectations about buying a car here than if you traveled to Virginia? Check out the interview to learn more or call 1-800-368-8808 and check out the Attorney General's Website for more info.

A new school year is just around the corner and big things are coming at Shepherd University. University President Dr. Suzanne Shipley sat down with Joe Ferretti and me to talk about some of the changes happening on campus. She also spoke about the new campus coming to Martinsburg, and explained a bit about what's happening with the West Virginia Athletic Conference.

Berkeley County Councilman Doug Copenhaver also spoke to us this morning. He had 

been in and out of the area but stayed up to date on current events. He had some good updates on the public safety building and talked a bit about the county's ability to appoint more members to the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority. Some say state code requires an appointee per $5,000 contributed (the county and city added about $22,000 each this year) and others say it is optional. Check out the interview to find out where Councilman Copenhaver stands. 


And we chatted with republican candidates Craig Blair and Kent Leonhardt. Leonhardt will be on the ballot for WV Commissioner of Agriculture. He talks about farming here in the mountain state and gives his two cents on the EPA. Check out his campaign here.


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Panhandle Live for August 9, 2012


Amy Orndoff and Rhonda Singer from Berkeley Senior Services joined us for the show this morning. They have a busy rest of the month! Two big parties, a free manicure session and other great opportunities for seniors. Listen in here for details and check out Berkeley Senior Services online.


As a new parent, I was stunned at just how expensive it can be to shop for children. I am glad my wife is a thrifty shopper and found The Wee Cycle in Martinsburg! Amy Broadhurst, owner of the store told us about her ongoing back to school sale and about how she made the transition from stay-at-home-mom to business owner!


Check them out on Facebook to get the scoop on their latest deals and inventory.


We got a chance to visit with editor of the Sunshine Review, the nonprofit group that recently gave the county school websites in the Eastern Panhandle low grades for transparency. Kristen McMurray broke down what criteria they used to determine the grades. Turns out, a bad grade does not equate to a bad school systemn or even a bad website. The group uses the grades to alert government agencies that they could have more information available online. Get more here.

We wrapped up with a visit from Kelly Tanksley and Steve Warrick from the Martinsburg-Berkeley County public Library. They had a great time with the Children's Summer Reading Program but have a lot more happening as the summer winds down. Visit the library website for more information on what they offer.

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Panhandle Live for August 8, 2012


Teresa McCabe brought in Peggy Ziegler, the director of orthopedic services to talk about City Hospital recently earning the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for its total hip and knee replacement surgery programs. Teresa also spoke about EPIC Computer program at the hospital systems and explained how that was going.

Next we visited with Marketing Manager Martinsburg Mall Angie Clark. There's a big to do for back to school this Saturday at the Martinsburg Mall! It's also a great chance to help out the Berkeley County Humane Society.



Bryan Clark took us “Behind the Headlines” with the Spirit of Jefferson. We spoke to Stephen Skinner about a lawsuit his firm filed on behalf of some former Mountain State University Nursing Students.


Check out the spirit every Wednesday and visit the website.

We finished the show with an introduction to the Melvin Henry Center in Inwood. Walter Zimmerman shared his vision for the program, invited everyone to the inaugural crab feed September 8th, and put out the call for volunteers.

Learn more at their website.

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Panhandle Live for August 7, 2012


We started the day visiting with Joe, Danielle and Jennifer from the Full Circle Theater. Danielle shared some thoughts about the late Kadian Harding who died earlier this month in England. Kadian had graced the stage in the theater's summer program in years past. There is a wonderful tribute video for him online.


Appropriately, the youth program debuts “Peter Pan” this weekend. Danielle also previewed next weekend's premier of “Richard III”. Danielle has had a life long love of Shakespear and is excited to be ding the show. Jennifer spoke about her new role as Managing Director at the theater. And talked about how to get tickets. 304-268-7798 or e-mail You can also go to their website


We also talked a bit about Social Security. David Melton came on to give us a heads up about their big move. The Social Security office located at 400 Foxcroft Avenue, Suite 102 in Martinsburg will relocate to 14 Compass Pointe in Martinsburg. He also addressed the recent headlines regarding Social Security pay out. One of the most disturbing statistics he shared was that 25% of today's 25-year-olds are expected to file for disability in their lifetime! Listen in to hear the full story.

Oh, and the new office is not on GPS yet. Here are the directions: From I-81 exit 16 travel approximately 0.6 miles on WV Route 9 East (Edwin W. Miller Blvd) to Lutz Avenue (Comfort Inn and La Trattoria Italian Eatery are located at this intersection). Turn right on Lutz Avenue and travel approximately 0.2 miles to 14 Compass Pointe on your right (first building past law offices of Crawford & Keller).


From downtown Martinsburg, travel on North Queen Street.  North Queen Street  becomes WV Route 9 ( Edwin Miller Boulevard). Continue approximately 1 mile and turn left onto Lutz Avenue (Comfort Inn and La Trattoria Italian Eatery are located at this intersection). Travel approximately 0.2 miles to 14 Compass Pointe on your right (first building past law offices of Crawford & Keller).


Leah Daniel from Berkeley County Schools stopped by for the 411 on back to school. She gave us some details about new additions to the calendar, orientation and their website. Even if you do not have kids in the system this bus schedule might come in handy!

And Katherine Walsh Ryan, President of the Ryan Film Institute previewed the 6th annual Student Short Film Fest & People's Choice Awards coming up this Saturday evening at 6:30 at Shepherd University's Knutti Hall. Find out more at 

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Panhandle Live for August 6, 2012


No audio today! The engineering department has been working out a few bugs. Still a great show. We spoke with Jerry Mayhew of Mayhew Insurance Services. He spoke about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and how it is not making things more affordable everywhere. I want to get someone in to talk more about some of the specifics but a lot of good food for thought from Jerry.


Also visited with Tina Combs from the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce. September 21 is the big Tailgating Under the Stars Auction at the Purple Iris. That helps fund their great events like next Tuesday['s Welcome New teacher breakfast, the mixer Wednesday at the Kelley Allstate Agency and the Rise and Shine Breakfast Friday featuring Todd McKinney with FLOC. Check out the chamber at

We got a preview of the upcoming Miss America Outstanding Teen Pageant with Morgan Breeden, 2012 Miss WV Outstanding Teen. She leaves Thursday for competition. Her platform is very personal. After years of bullying she finally found the strength within herself to stand up and wants to help others do the same. She begins competing for the national crown August 14th so best of luck to her! Check out the Miss Jefferson County Scholarship organization at

And Jefferson County Commissioner Walt Pellish was in to get us caught up on Jefferson County. He has high hopes for the Convention and Visitor's Bureau. He talked about the commission's decision to allocate $150,000 to help them as they restructure the organization. He said it is an investment in the future of the county.



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Panhandle Live for August 3, 2012


What an exciting day! The official ribbon cutting at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College was outstanding and saw a great turn out from the community. We broadcast starting just after 8:00am starting with Blue Ridge CTC President Dr. Peter Checkovich and Chancellor of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission James Skidmore.


We also spoke with Vice President of Enrollment Management Leslie See and Chair of Allied Health Sciences Richard Snyder. Leslie has been instrumental in coordinating the transfer of the college's services to the new campus and Mr. Snyder was able to explain exactly how significant the new space is for their programs.


We also spoke to Berkeley County Council president Bill Stubblefield about the bitter-sweet situation the county is in right now. Blue Ridge had shared space with the county in the Dunn Building for 9 years prior to the move this week. State Senator Walt Helmick also stopped by our table to discuss the legislature's role in the expansion of the community college system.

Then we got a look at the recently established BRCTC Foundation with Director Sherri Janelle.

We also got a word from State Senator Herb Snyder.


Next it was President and CEO of the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Tina Combs and Butch Pennington, Vice Chair of the WV Council for Community and Technical College Education, and wrapped up our interviews with Martinsburg Mayor George Karos.

We ended with the official dedication ceremony and a tour of the beautiful building! 


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Panhandle Live for August 2, 2012

Down Town Martinsburg will welcome thousands of people August 18
th for Bike Night. This is the tenth anniversary so it should be quite popular. Melinda Dugas joined us on air to talk about an addition to this year's event that will benefit CCAP/Loaves and Fishes: the Ragin' Race for Rations Community Scavenger Hunt Benefit and Food Drive. To preregister and get a complete set of rules for the Ragin' Race for Rations Community Scavenger Hunt Benefit and Food Drive, contact Melinda Dugas at 304-263-8871, ext. 2817, at 304-839-4313 or at or contact Jordan Ballard at 304-263-8871, ext. 2820.


Dan Woodrum from the WV Department of Agriculture spoke with us about the effects the drought could have on food costs. Gues what, they will likely increase. Not to fear, Woodrum said area farmers markets are still reasonable. He previewed some things happening soon at the Inwood Farmer's Market. Stay tuned to Panhandle Live for details.


Judy Boykin stopped by to talk about a new program available locally at Habitat for Humanity, the Cars for Homes Program. People can now donate a car, truck, boat or most other vehicles to Habitat and they will be sold or used. Boykin said the proceeds stay totally local! Learn more about the Habitat for Humanity's Cars for Homes Program at


And 1/3 of Joe Taxi previewed some upcoming shows and talked about staying local. Christian Lopez said he and his band mates, Alex Shanholtz and Jesse Kemmerer, have been getting a lot of work out of town. They recently played the Van's Warped Tour and the 9:30 club in Washington D.C., but they still stay true to their roots. The have been part of the Summer Concert Series at War Memorial Park, played First Fridays in Down Town Martinsburg, and next week will play the Berkeley County Youth Fair. Joe Taxi will will open for country music singer David Nail at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8, and will be featured performers at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 11 at the Fair.Check out the Joe Taxi at

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Panhandle Live for August 1, 2012

Check out our Facebook page and answer our poll on the Olympics.

Catherine Reaves, Gymnastics Coordinator at Martinsburg Berkeley County parks and Rec, called in today. She told us how exciting it was to watch the U.S. Women's Gymnastic team bring home the gold last night. She said she thinks this could create another surge in interest for gymnastics similar to what was seen the last time a team brought home gold in 1996. Get signed up today at


We also spoke to Elizabeth and Joseph, a brother and sister involved in 4-H and the Berkeley County Youth Fair. Elizabeth has been involved for about 6 years and has been helping her brother as he prepares for his first year of showing. Each will have a pig at the fair and Elizabeth also has a horse.


Bryan Clark previewed the Spirit of Jefferson. There's a new company offering Jefferson County residents an idea about how solar energy might impact their home. Check that out at We also touched on the latest in the case against Jefferson County Sheriff Bobby Shirley. Get the whole story in this week's Spirit on news stands now and online at

And we learned about vaccines just in time for National Immunization Month. Marian Morrison spoke to us about the importance of “herd immunity” and about the way vaccines can be safely used. More information can be found at the health department and at the CDC website.

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