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NFL Out of Bounds

I watched with interest the Monday night contest between Atlanta and Denver for the interesting match-up involving Peyton Manning and the up and coming Atlanta team.  But I was also interested in seeing if the trend I was witnessing involving the replacement refs would continue.  In the first week of games, the refs seemed to hold their own most of the time but in the second week, I saw coaches and players pushing the limits of sportsmanship and gamesmanship.  It akin to how far you would test a substitute teacher while in grade school.  Then, as now, boundries are set, they change, and then they are tested.  Last night was the clear example of what to expect if this charade with the replacement refs continues.

John Fox, coach of Denver, was behaving in such a way that had he been a baseball manager he would have been run in the first quarter.  The players showed general chippiness throughout and this was the kind of behavior seen in many games this past weekend.  Clearly players and coaches are losing patience and soon the fans will join them once ESPN begins to "expose" the situation for what it is: disagreements over money affecting the integrity of the game.

I fault the NFL for this, specifically the owners.  Clearly Roger Goodelll acts impulsively and sometimes without anyone in the background checking his authority.  This can be scene in the dictatorial way he handled player suspensions last year and how he overstepped with the New Orleans Saints this past summer.  The owners need to call the Commissioner and explain that this situation cannot stand and to pay the real refs to get them back on the field.  Surely there is enough money to go around, after all this is the NFL.  Get it done so that the players and fans you claim to care so much about are provided quality, experienced refs and the product you charge an arm and a leg for is worth the price of admission.

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09/19/2012 2:31PM
NFL Out of Bounds
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09/19/2012 3:02PM
Hear, hear (or is it here, here)
Right on the money. The product ont he field is suffering. It's less watchable, and the NFL is a TV product, like any other show. Steve Young's point about the 'inelastic demand' for NFL football is true at this moment. That said,the only products for which demand stays inelastic are food, water, and air.
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