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My 2012 NFL Preview, Review. Let's See How I Did!

Before the season, I made my 2012 NFL Preview. It listed all 8 divisions, all 32 teams, and how each of their seasons would go. Well, the year is over now and it is time to see how I did. That post is still in the archives if you want to read it. (In the September Section) I got a few things right and many other things VERY VERY wrong. Haha. As you would expect with any NFL season though, as they are always unpredictable. Okay, we will start in the AFC:

AFC East:
1. New England Patriots: My Prediction: (14-2) Actual Record: (12-4)
The Patriots pretty much went how I expected. No surprise here.

2. New York Jets: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (6-10)
My write up on the Jets was spot on, the record though? Not so much. They had some injuries, but I went a little over the top predicting 11 wins. They are more of an (8-8) team.

3. Buffalo Bills: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (6-10)
Well, I was right about the Bills being overrated, but they were even worse than I expected.

4. Miami Dolphins: My Prediction: (4-12) Actual Record: (7-9)
I thought Miami would not be able to compete this year. When I wrote 4 wins, I was being nice. Instead, they turned out to be an average team with a bright future.

AFC North:
1. Pittsburgh Steelers: My Prediction: (12-4) Actual Record: (8-8)

I thought Pittsburgh would be much better than they were this year and I am not going to blame it on Big Ben getting injured either. Their offense just did not work.

2. Baltimore Ravens: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (10-6)
I was pretty much right on the Ravens, except I expected them to be a Wild Card team, instead of a division winner.

3. Cincinnati Bengals: My Prediction: (7-9) Actual Record: (10-6)
I was wrong about the Bengals. They were for real in 2011 and still were in 2012. Not sure they will win a playoff game, but they are a pretty good team.

4. Cleveland Browns: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (5-11)
Oh! SPOT ON! My first correct pick record wise. Still, the Browns played better than I thought they would in 2012. They have a chance to succeed in 2013.

AFC South:
1. Houston Texans: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (12-4)

Houston was pretty much the team I thought they were this year, but two late season losses could hurt their momentum heading into the playoffs.

2. Tennessee Titans: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (6-10)
Jake Locker did not take the next step this year, so the Titans struggled. I said if he did well, they could, but he did not.

3. Indianapolis Colts: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (11-5)
Okay. I missed this one. Bad. Again, when I gave the Colts 6 wins, I thought I was being pretty kind. Instead, Andrew Luck and the Colts won 11 games and are playing in the playoffs this Sunday. I am happy I was wrong.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: My Prediction: (2-14) Actual Record: (2-14)
BOOM! 2nd exact pick! Look for Tim Tebow to improve the team in 2013.

AFC West:
1. Denver Broncos: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (13-3)

No one was a bigger Peyton Manning supporter than me, but even I thought the schedule was too tough for Denver to win 13 games. Peyton can even prove me wrong. I had them winning the West though, with ease.

2. San Diego Chargers: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (7-9)
My write-up on San Diego was 100% right, even though my record was a couple of games off. They should be better than they are. Thus, Norv Turner was FINALLY fired.

3. Kansas City Chiefs: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (2-14)
Okay, I thought the Chiefs had a chance at a Wild Card spot and instead they got the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Good call Pete, good call.

4. Oakland Raiders: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (4-12)
The Raiders were bad, but I did not think they would be that bad.

NFC East:
1. New York Giants: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (9-7)

I will say I was right about the NFC East. I said it would be a close division and it would come down to Week 17. I got the teams wrong though.

2. Philadelphia Eagles: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (4-12)
No one thought the Eagles would be as bad as they were. Now I am hearing Andy Reid is going to be the coach of the Chiefs before the end of the day. Yeah....I did not predict that.

3. Dallas Cowboys: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (8-8)
My preview on the Cowboys was pretty spot on. They are who we thought they were.

4. Washington Redskins: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (10-6)
Though I gave them 5 wins, my write up on them was dead on. "Head Coach Mike Shanahan wouldn't shock me if his team finished (10-6), but also wouldn't shock me if it finished (3-13). Again, this division is very unpredictable" When they finished (10-6)? I was not shocked. :-)

NFC North:
1. Green Bay Packers: My Prediction: (14-2) Actual Record: (11-5)

I got the record wrong, but Green Bay is still the team I expected them to be.

2. Chicago Bears: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (10-6)
The Bears were who I thought they were going to be too, but apparently that was not enough to allow Lovie Smith to keep his job.

3. Detroit Lions: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (4-12)
Wow. The Lions might be the biggest disappointment of the 2012 season. Actually, there is no might about it.

4. Minnesota Vikings: My Prediction: (2-14) Actual Record: (10-6)
Please do not read my write up on how the 2012 Vikings season would go. It makes me sound so stupid. I love how well they played this year though.

NFC South:
1. New Orleans Saints: My Prediction: (10-6) Actual Record: (7-9)

I thought they would win the division, instead they finished under .500. Bad year for the Saints, but I expect them to rebound in 2013.

2. Atlanta Falcons: My Prediction: (9-7) Actual Record: (13-3)
I thought Atlanta had a chance to be the (13-3) team they became, but felt they were more of a Wild Card team. They took the next step in 2012.

3. Carolina Panthers: My Prediction: (8-8) Actual Record: (7-9)
Carolina started slow, but were basically the team I expected them to be.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: My Prediction: (4-12) Actual Record: (7-9)
Tampa Bay started strong again, but then fell a part down the stretch. They are a few moves away from being a playoff team though. Good season.

NFC West:
1. San Francisco 49ers: My Prediction: (11-5) Actual Record: (11-4-1)

I can't call this an actual correct pick, but I was pretty close. Hard to predict ties, but San Francisco did win 11 games.

2. Seattle Seahawks: My Prediction: (7-9) Actual Record: (11-5)
A big surprise this year, it has been fun to watch Seattle play so good. In my write up I said that the Seahawks defense is a question mark. So wrong.

3. St. Louis Rams: My Prediction: (5-11) Actual Record: (7-8-1)
The Rams were pretty good this year. They pretty much went how I expected.

4. Arizona Cardinals: My Prediction: (6-10) Actual Record: (5-11)
I was close on the record, but I did not expect them to start (4-0) then finish the season (1-11), costing Ken Whisenhunt his job.

Well, there you have it. The NFL is unpredictable. I made some good picks and I also made some terrible ones. Expect the same for the 2013 season. Thanks for reading!

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My 2012 NFL Preview, Review. Let's See How I Did!
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Good pick on Lions
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