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 Attorney Joe Ferretti was born on August 7, 1961. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1984 and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1987. He was previously employed by Steptoe & Johnson as a litigation associate from 1987 to 1992. Joe  founded Hammer, Ferretti & Schiavoni in 1992. His personal interests include golf, fly fishing and biking.  Joe has also helped Sports Radio 1340 WEPM for 8 years as a regular co-host of Panhandle Live and for the past three seasons as a color analyst of all of Sports Radio 1340 WEPM High School Football Games.

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Moving on at Penn State

Those who have heard me on the air know I am a big PSU fan.  A season ticket holder no less.  I currently pay the tuition bills to prove my allegiance.  Yet I watch patiently as the students, fans and supporters stand by, waiting for some movement at the administration level that would allow the school to move forward to restore its image as an academic leader and sports powerhouse.

Many PSU supporters actively seek the ouster of the Board of Trustees, that bunch of business leaders who must have been collectively hiding under their desks the past 10 months because they were nowhere to be found when cirisis management was called for.  I suspect like the one or two resignations that occurred more will follow.  The lack of leadership issue will slowly and painfully be resolved.

What also has to happen, more than anything else, is the university's decision to solve the Paterno Question.  What to do about the single most important figure in the university's history?  I am not talking about football wins or national championships here because JoePa was instrumental in developing the focus and drive to make Penn State a leader in research, business partnerships, and academic growth.  His donations of millions of dollars are just a part of the influence he exerted over the school and Central Pennsylvania.

Joe Paterno did not abuse kids, did not harbor a child predator, and did not enable Jerry Sandusky to commit those unspeakable acts.  If you believe otherwise you are not well versed on the facts.  A report was made in 1998 to Child Protective Services and the Police and THEY DECIDED not to pursue it.  In 2001 Joe reported another incident to his superiors, which included the University President, its athletic director and the head of campus police.  Again, they apparently decided not to go forward with an investigation.  Jerry Sandusky fooled a lot of people, which is why the current Pennsylvania governor and the famous people on the board of the Second Mile Charity continued to associate with and financially support that agency up to 2011.

Unlike the NCAA, that paragon of virtue, Penn State cannot simply ignore or wipe away the 60 years Joe Paterno walked its sidelines or coached its scholarship players.  It cannot purge itself of his financial contributions or dismantle his likeness or name that adorns its many libraries and buildings.  It must figure a way to honor the man, simply but with an effort worthy of his place in Penn State history.  To do otherwise is to keep its alumni, fans, supporters and students in a state of delusion and suspension that will only prolong healing. 

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09/06/2012 2:14PM
Moving on at Penn State
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09/19/2012 2:58PM
Well-reasoned, counselor, however.....
Joe Pa still allowed Sandusky have the keys to the kingdom (access to facilities) after McQueary's eyewitness report, as well as the earlier allegations. He did not admit that the smoke was caused by a fire somewhere. And the fact that Sandusky retired at 55 in a profession where a 65-year-old can still be making millions of dollars, is fishy, as well. It's easy to envision a scenario where his retirement was the price for not being fired outright, with the attendant questions.
09/19/2012 4:26PM
Counselor responds
The keys to the kingdom were the result of a grant of emeritus status granted by President. It was a PR move based upon Jerry's many ties to community and charities. The fact it was rarely done at PSU does raise a question but I contend it invites no further suspicions regarding Paterno
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