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Tune in with me to hear about musicians and authors coming to our area as well as some local upcoming events. I do my best to help those I interview spread the word about what they create or what it is they're trying to share - since for many of them, it is their passion.

I have been working with Prettyman Broadcasting as well as The Martinsburg Journal's Weekender providing information about things going on around town. Although I don't particularly follow sports all that closely, you may often find me fangirling over Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and LoTR, or discussing local authors, movies or theater productions that may have things/be going on in our area. 

If you would like to be featured - only on my blog, not on the radio, I'm not in charge of that - then feel free to email me at kaitlyn@prettymanbroadcasting.com

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** In case you're curious, "fouqx" is pronounced "fox" :)

Posts from February 2014

Kristina Simpson's First Album and Other Things She Does
The other day I interviewed Winchester Country Singer Kristina Simpson about her new CD, This Time. Her album is all about God's influence and was quite a surprise to Kristina herself, as she never really pictured singing as a career for her. Nursing has always been Kristina's dream job - she's been one for 14 years now with her experience being in OR and open heart surgery - and though her main focus is her family, she's not at all sedimentary. Kristina is helping locally to open up a school called Legacy Christian Academy as well as a business to promote local small businesses known as Small Business Vendor events (SBV).

Her CD can be purchased now at Tate Publishing and will be available nationwide (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) on March 11. You can check out her Facebook page for more info on her and those projects (for Legacy Christian Academy specifically) and her YouTube channel for more on her music. Kristina would love to hear from you so feel free to give her a shout out!
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What's Happenin' Jennifer Armentrout?
Recently I was given the opportunity to interview NYT and USA Today's bestselling - also a Martinsburg local - author, Jennifer L. Armentrout. She and I discuss what she's working on, how her movie and TV show are coming along, and what advice she has for young writers out there. 

Jennifer has been writing stories since 9th grade Algebra (yes algebra, just ask her about her math skills!) class and has hardly put her pencil down since. With over 20 books either published or on their way to the public, it's no surprise that she hit the bestseller's list. Although she has series such as LUX and Covenant, as well as individual books like Cursed and Don't Look Back, her latest series' Stay With Me - written under her romance pen name, J. Lynn - is what got Jennifer on the NYT and USA Today bestselling lists.

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The latest addition to the set, book two Be With Me, was just published yesterday, February 14, 2014 and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Nook. Visit her website for more information on how/where to purchase, and what all J. Lynn will be up to next! 
Jennifer Armentrout's Website
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