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 Attorney Joe Ferretti was born on August 7, 1961. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1984 and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1987. He was previously employed by Steptoe & Johnson as a litigation associate from 1987 to 1992. Joe  founded Hammer, Ferretti & Schiavoni in 1992. His personal interests include golf, fly fishing and biking.  Joe has also helped Sports Radio 1340 WEPM for 8 years as a regular co-host of Panhandle Live and for the past three seasons as a color analyst of all of Sports Radio 1340 WEPM High School Football Games.

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I expected a football game
I settled into the broadcast booth expecting a competitive game, at least for a while, when Musselman and Martinsburg warmed up below.  And when the whoofing at each other occurred at the 50 yard line when the Applemen players planted their sledge hammer on the orange "M", I believed Musselman just might be in the right mindset to take on the bullies of the Eastern Panhandle. 

What I saw unfold before a sellout crowd was a virtuoso performance by the very best sports program in the State of West Virginia.   There have been dominant teams before, like the Parkersburg girls volleyball program that earned ten state titles in 16 years, or the Jefferson baseball team with its 11 state titles.  Martinsburg football is not there in terms of sustained excellence but they are quietly making a historic run that may not end until Coach Dave Walker decides to do something else.

On the evee of Sandy strking our area, perhaps it is fitting to describe Martinsburg football as the perfect storm.  Take an excellent coach, combine him with a fan base and school administration who will provide the support needed, mix in the best athletes in the area and you have the top football program in the State.  To complete the equation, spice it up with success that breeds success.  Athetes whose families transfer into this area now find a home in the Martinsburg district just to jump on the bandwagon.  (The best running back on the Martinsburg team, who transferred from Florida, was injured and could not play last night.  Perish the thought)

It is hard to believe but this team may be better than the last two state championship teams that never lost a game.  The only thing holding me back from crowning them as such is the slip up at Westminster, Maryland earlier this season.  But if they mow through the state playoff teams like they did against the sixth ranked team in the State last night there may be no better superlative to assign.  Martinsburg is its only measuring stick.
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Forecast: long cold winter in Pittsburgh
If it was not clear after the Oakland game, it is now painfully obvious after the loss to lowly Tenn. that the 2012 edition of the Steelers is not playoff worthy.  Actually, they may struggle to be a .500 team.

Three Super Bowls in five years placed this team on a glide path towards mediocrity and the landing may be bumpy.  We Steeler fans experienced this in the early 80's when stars long in the tooth and recent draft picks full of promise but empty on big game experience muddled around the NFL for a few years winning approximately half of their games.  It seems to me we are there again.  I think we have to face facts.  The only reason this team remains capable of the occasional win against a quality opponent is No. 7 running around making plays.  There is no continuity on offense and the defense is unable to make plays to get off the field when it counts.
The rebuilding is taking place.  The offensive line next year, when DeCastro returns and Adams has a year under his belt will be younger, stronger and more prepared.  The receiving corps is top notch and a Mike Wallace signing away from being solid for years.  We drafted to get younger on the DL but the LB's must be replenished and the young guns in the secondary have to develop further.  There are still a lot of "ifs".

In the meantime, accept the Steelers for what they are:  two notches below the Ravens, Texans and Patriots.  The completion of the NHL collective bargaining agreement can't come soon enough.
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It had to come to this
If you follow the NFL you are probably among many who are already sick of the Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow coverage.  The minute the Jets signed Tebow I thought this will be a circus.  They appear to be ordering the circus tent now.

I don't think either QB is very good.  Tebow is not a NFL quarterback.  In a league where all recent rule developments favor passing, a qb best known for his passing inadequacies seems to be a bad fit.  Even to the untrained eye his mechanics are a mess.  I recall seeing him in a high school allstar game and even then he was primarily a running back who occasionally threw the ball.

Sanchez has some capabilities but I submit you cannot judge him currently given the lack of any credible WR threat.  Until the Jets discover a running game to compliment a few good receivers (and they have neither), the jury will remain out on Sanchez.

I will admit one thing.  Woody Johnson, the owner, is a genius.  He has part of the nation and a large number of his fans still interested in a mediocre team due to the Tebow story.  It was his hedge against a poorly developing season.  These owners are billionaires for a reason.
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What is happening at Hedgesville?
As Fred and I began prep for the call of the Musselman/Hedgesville game Friday night I stole a glance of the Musselman fans as the Hedgesville team jogged out for warm-ups.  There were looks of disbelief.  How can the fourth largest school in the state have only 24 players?  I counted a total of 8 linemen doing their pregame drills.  A team cannot compete in the AAA classification with those numbers and the final score Friday night proved it.

My three daughters have attended three different high schools.  I have seen the good and the bad in various sports programs.  I don't know enough of what is happening at Hedgesville to comment specifically but based on experience, you must have the following to be successful:
1.  Stability in coaching.  Hire a good coach and stick with that person for a number of years.  Most are not miracle workers able to immediately correct the sins of the past.
2.  Emphasize with the coach that they are part of a school community.  They must immerse themselves in the everyday activities of the school and must coach and educate their players that they are athletes second and students first.  If you lose the respect and admiiration of the student body and teachers, soon nobody wants to associate with you.
3  The coach must insist that their program, no matter how prominent or successful, gets treated like every other coach and program.  Just because the guy down the hall wins state championships does not mean that he can do no wrong while other coaches toil in relative anonymity.  This creates resentment, jealousy and an expectation that only one, or a few, sports matter.  Successful schools honor all athletic pursuits and make sure all sports programs have what they need to create enthusiasm and support from within.
4.  Athletic directors must follow rule number 3.  If the teachers and students see an AD preoccupied with one sport, soon they will be too, to the detriment of the other sports and athletes.  The way to bring down a school sports program is to have individual programs competing as much with each other within a school as they do with the rival across town.
5.  Principals and AD's must insist on school support.  Develop  the situations where the basketball team finds the time to attend a footballl game or volleyball match.  Seeing your fellow students in the stands means so much to the athletes and is encouraging to those who think about playing a sport.  The fact that some coaches in the off-season suggest to their players that they NOT ATTEND another sporting event is ridiculous and lacking any reasonable rationale.
6. Finally, for school administrators, celebrate the success of all of your athletes with equal vigor.  Winning a state football or basketball state championship is no more difficult than winning individual tennis honors.  Again, this avoids resentment and the feeling that your school teams and athletes are competing within the walls of your own school. 
These are just some of the attributes I see in successful sports programs in our schools.  I do not mean to suggest these don't exist at Hedgesville.  I just hope the much deserved attention the Hedgesville FB program warrants will include consideration of these factors.
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Sports the world over
I returned a week ago from a trip to Bermuda with my wife, celebrating 25 very good years of marriage.  I figured anyone who could put up with me for that long deserved a nice trip and more.  I am very fortunate.

Equally as fortunate are the Bermudian residents.  Despite a country that is only 26 miles long and with half the population of Berkeley County, they have made way for sports fields and game venues.  As my wife and I drove around on our tourist scooters, it was heartening to see places for outdoor pursuits.  Basketball and tennis courts, soccer and cricket fields, and golf courses were available in a place with some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  The importance of sport, despite the opportunity cost, was understood.
Our advancements in society make it so much easier to work, communicate, share information, bank, shop and entertain from home.  There are less reasons to venture out.  But the importance of sports, with its character building, physical challenges and hard earned successes, still are part of the fabric of most societies.  We should dwell on these attributes as we watch our sons and daughters compete in local sports and understand that the sporting ilfe, a way of life, is so much more important than the number of points scored by your child or who wins the game.  Most societies and communities recognized the value  of sports and we should be careful to remind ourselves of this everyday. 
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