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I Have To Ask

If the 1989 Baltimore Orioles were the WHY NOT?! team. Then what in the world do we call this team?

Roster up and down its not very good. But they do one thing and thats win. It's beyond me how they do it but they do it.Right now on September 11 they are deadlocked with the New York Yankees and 2 games up on the Tampa Bay Rays.


The calm presence Of Buch Showalter?

A team that does'nt know there bad?

I am trying to wrap my head around this and what is happening in Baltimore.

I do know this they have been a very fun team too watch this season.

So we are back to what we call this team.

The Fighting Showalters?

The No Name O's?

You have a suggestion please leave a comment.
So hon even though the Ravens have started it's time to "BUCKle up" cause the o's are still in the hunt!

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09/11/2012 10:45PM
I Have To Ask
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09/12/2012 8:06AM
Pythagoras and the O's
Great article about how the O's are having a season for the ages, at least by one sabermetric measure:
09/12/2012 8:08AM
Pythagoras forgot to add....
I think it's all about the bullpen. They win all the close games, but the occasions where the starter gets hammered drive down the run differential.
09/13/2012 4:48PM
I got the name!
The O'Tastic Buck-O's!!! Now imagine if the Pirates play the O's in the World Series: Buccos vs. Buck-O's
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