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Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great holiday today truly is we get to reflect and think what we are thankful for, eat all we care too, and of course enjoy football!

One I am thankful for the wonderful family that i have and the great friends I have. For those that are a part of my life I thank you.

Point two is easy so i am not going to go on and on about the food we eat.

Three the football. Oh the football. Today is not quite Super Sunday but is pretty close in the sense we will all be watching the three games taking place today. But in all my Thanksgiving Day games that I have watched I really only remember watching three of those games.

One being the Cowboys/Dolphins "snow game". I was at my Grandmothers house for that game. I remember watching until halftime then me and my Dad went to what was then a Wheekling Thunderbirds game. I remember getting back to my Uncle's and saying "so did the Cowboys win?" He said "well here I am going to turn on Sportscenter for you". And i remember seeing one crazy ending! Leon Lett who has became a household name over boneheaded plays committed one in this game. As the Dolphins lined up to kick a game winning field goal that was missed Lett ran down the field the ball touched his foot as he slid in the snow. The Dolphins got a second chance and went on to win 16-14

The second game I remember is known in Pittsburgh as the "coin toss" game. The Steelers battled the Detriot Lions in 1998. The Steelers had to have this game in order to stay in playoff contention. As it was the Steelers and Lions went to overtime. And here a rule was changed forever. It had always been "call it in the air". Well Jerome Bettis called tails someone else called heads. Ended up it was tails but it was heard heads. Lions took the ball. Steelers ended up losing 19-16 and did not win another game from that point on in the season.But i will be honest I do not remember excatly what happened in that game (other than the coin toss). But what I do remember was again my Uncle being at my Grandmothers house.. My cousins also where there. and what I remember was just staring at the television set for a long period of time not being able to move. My cousins "come on George lets go play." My Uncle said "um guys I think George needs be left alone right now he is handling this loss the way any of us would right now." Uncle Bill always had a way.

And the third game I remember was the same year as the "coin toss" game. And that was Cowboys/Vikings. Randy Moss was passed on by the Cowboys in that April's draft. And he was bound determined to make the Cowboys pay for that. And boy did Moss make them pay. As he caught three touchdown passes and had 163 yds in that effort. I will never forget his postgame as he was player of the game. There was a big turkey on the field. Madden was interviewing him he said "John can I have some of this turkey?" Madden said "after a game like that you can have whatever you want". Moss then went and took a drumbstick off the turkey and gnawed away at it.  

So i hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving today. i hope you enjoyed the Parade and I hope you enjoy the food and footballt that is about to kickoff!

Happy thanksgiving!

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11/22/2012 12:01PM
Happy Thanksgiving!
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