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Greg, a native of eastern panhandle West Virginia, has been in broadcasting since 1999. Upon completion of his second degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting in 2001, Greg has worked in radio stations in the Washington DC area as well as his native panhandle area. Growing up, Greg was always active playing various sports from basketball to tennis, and is always ready to throw down as it were!
“I learned at a young age that versatility is the key to success, and in a business where things are always changing, versatility becomes the key to survival”!  -Greg Davis
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Start of the Next Season
   With the winter finally behind us it’s time to focus on the start of a great sport! I’m actually talking about football! More specifically, college football!
Earlier this week, the Shepherd Rams began the quest to defend their conference title with their first practice of the spring season, and as part of their community out reach, it was held at the new facilities at Spring Mills High School.  I spoke with the 2013 Mountain East Coach of the Year, Monte Cater, and we discussed the start of spring drills, new faces in key places and the upcoming season!

The Rams begin the season on September 6th, when they travel to West Liberty!

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