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Here it is August 8th. And I am Still intrested in the Pittsburgh Pirates and Raising the Jolly Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now usually this time of the year Pittsburgh we are more worried who the 4th string running back will be. Who will center the 5th line for the Penguins (yea I know there is no 5th line in hockey but you get my drift). We are worried about the other two teams far more and for that fact of the matter we are more worried about Pitt football than the Buccos.

This year the Steelers are an afterthought. The Pens will matter when October comes around will have much hype again and tumble (that is for another day). But the Buccos THE SAME BUCCOS who have been the succos for 20 years are stealing the headlines.

As I type this the Pirates currently have a 70-44 record 3 1/2 atop the the St. Lpuis Cardinals in the NL Central. Which puts them 6 1/2 up on the Cincinnati Reds in the Nl Wild Card race (for the first spot) and 10 1/2 up on the Arizona D'Backs in the NL Wild Card race (2nd spot).

Usually you go into a Pirates season and say. "Well if the Pirates can somehow go .500/keep winning when the Steelers report to Latrobe and start clanging and banging then I am happy."


As it stands right now. The Pirates will be playing when the Penguins open up and when the Steelers are on a bye week. Last time that happened I was 8 and Sid Bream happened (former coworker used love rub that in). But it looks like now the ghost of Sid Bream has left and the Pirates are finally winners. Sure took 21 years I sat through some bad losses including a 20-0 loss to the Brewers in 2010 and a God awful opening day in 2008. Along with some others I just can;t remember like the other two.

Who knows what us going to happen from here til October.But all I have got to say for now is this.

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