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NFL Divisional Playoff Round Preview with George and Pete
Hey guys! Here is our Divisional Round Preview. Hope you like it. Also, make sure  you listen to our new show: GAME TIME, which debuts this Monday at 4PM on Sports Radio 1340 WEPM and WEPM.COM.
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NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview with George and Pete
Hey everybody! Pete and I sat down to talk about this weekend's NFL Wild Card Games. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening!
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Playoff Football
Kicks off this Saturday. But I am going to start with the Sunday games.As A. they are the local games and B. they are the more interesting games.

Colts at Ravens 1 pm Sunday This is going to be the most emotionally charged game to my memory. #Chuckstrong the best story the NFL has right now. As Chuck Pagano's battle with Leukemia has made for a few tear jerking moments. One being the speech after the Dolphins game .(CBS) Then the two cheerleaders shaving there heads for Chuck.  (WISH IN INDY) Then Pagano's return to the sidelines (video I cannot find but a very tear jerking moment) Ray Lewis announced today that the Ravens last game of this season will also be his last. Outside Of Lawerence Taylor he is the greatest defensive player to step in between the lines. A great career he has had for the Ravens no question. But I just LOVE the Chuck Pagano story and I want to see it continue. As far as the game itself? I see the Ravens trying to put the game in Joe Flacco's hands and the Colts taking full advantage. Close game but in the end I will take the Colts and #Chuckstrong in a very tight one.

Seahawks at Redskins 4:30pm Sunday. Both teams coming in are hotter than a baked potato that just came out of the oven. the difference though? One has a defense and the other does not. The Redskins are the fun and feel good story of the season. At one point the season looked very bleak for the Redskins and looked as though they may not win 5 games. Instead? Won 10 games and the division and now they are in "the field". You have to love Robert Griffin III and what he has done with this team (has to be an MVP candidate). And how the team responded to the "evulation stage" comment. Still all the feel good that is the Redskins may not be enough. The Seahawks have blown teams out and played very sound defense. They very well could be a Super Bowl team this season. My head says the Seahawks here in routing fashion. But the heart says for my good friends HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! RGIII pulls it out and takes the Redskins on to face the Atlanta Falcons next week (Gave out my Packers pick a little early there). 

So since I let the cat out of the bag here is that Packers game.

Vikings @ Packers 8 pm Saturday. I know the Vikings beat the Pack less than a week ago in the Metrodome. But what you have to remember about this game is that was a game the Vikings had to have to get in "the field". And they where gunning to get Adrian Peterson the rushing record. Granted the Packers where playing to get a higher seed but in the grand scheme of things that really does not matter. First game in the "Frozen Tundra" saw  the Pack winning by a final of 23-14. Second game in the Metrodome saw the Vikings win 37-34. I will take the Packers here by two scores.
Bengals @ Texans 4;30 pm Saturday. The way the Texans and Bengals are coming into this is two totally different paths. Bengals come in very hot, But a problem when the Bengals are brought up? They have not won a playoff game since George HW. Bush was in office. Texans at home a very under rated 12-4 team coming into this game. But like I said history and homefield is in the Texans favor. So I will take the Texans winning by a field goal on Sunday.

So if those play out. You would have in the AFC divisional weekend  Colts going to Denver to take on the Broncos (another great storyline) Texans go to New England and take on the Patriots.

NFC divisional weekend you would have. The Redskins heading to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. And the Packers going out to San Francisco to take on the 49ers.
This weekend shapes up to be a fun one.
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The Bowl Challenge begins its final push

As the year begins anew, the WEPM Bowl Challenge begins its final push as the BCS gets underway with the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl. It’s still anybodies game as the standings remain close going into the new year. Remember, points double for all BCS games.

George, Pete and myself sat down and talked and gave out thoughts on some of the games leading up to the National Championship.

On New Years Day, there are 6 games on the schedule, including 2 on the BCS schedule. Here are the BCS picks by George, Pete and myself.

The Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Wisconsin 1/1 5p.m.

George- Stanford in blowout fashion 49-0

Pete- Stanford, a little bit more of a game by the Badgers, 31-21.

Greg- Wisconsin has a good game and pulls the “upset” 27-24.

The Discover Orange Bowl: Florida St. vs. Northern Illinois 1/1 8:30pm

Pete- Florida State in a close one 27-24 over the mid-major.

George- There is always a Cinderella at the bowl and picks No. Ill. 21-18.

Greg- No. Ill. Did everything the computer wanted, so they win 34-27.

The All State Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Louisville Jan. 2nd 8:30pm.

George- All Florida in the one, 56-21.

Pete- Louisville will make it interesting for a bit, but Florida 41-31.

Greg- The SEC is too strong for the disappearing Big-East as Florida wins 56-21.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kansas St. vs. Oregon Jan. 3rd 8:30pm.

George- Optimus Kline gets the job done and wins 38-35

Pete- Oregon simply out runs everybody and wins 41-24

Greg- The Ducks fly in this one 55-17.

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