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The Weekend Ahead

Got a big one coming.

So let's start things off looking at the Super Six that will be played on Wheeling Island Stadium.

It kicks off tonight with the Double A State Championship between Keyser and Wayne. The last time keyser was in the Double A championship game was 1969 they beat Winfield 21-20. Whereas Waynes last championship game was last year and they beat Point Pleasant. Wayne has been there done that. Listening to the scores provided by Metronews on "High School Game Night" sounded as though Wayne tore it up this season. So my heart says the Golden Tornado but my head says. "THAT NOBODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE WAYNE PIONEERS!"

Now onto the Triple A Championship between Martinsburg and Cabell Midland. Martinsburg is looking to be the first school in Triple A since 1968-1970. That was Charleston that did that . I have not seen Martinsburg but from what I have heard and read they are a very good team. Sounds like the Steel Curtain where you can not run on them you can pass but there maybe someone lurking in the woods for a pickoff. And I did not even mention the offense. Again from what I have been told and read this is the quickest Martinsburg offense there has been. We will find out Saturday. This is Cabell Midlands first appearance in the State Championship game. Many have this listed as a Regan/Mondale landslide but that is why they play. And I am sure head coach Dave Walker knows this. 

Onto Signle A I really do not know either team so I wil say the Blue Dons from Weirton (Madonna) defeat the White Eagles from Wahama.

Onto a little College Football. Saturday the West Virginia Mountaineers will take on the Kansas Jayhawks. But that is not really the story of the weekend. The Mountaineers have been projected to be in the Pinstripe Bowl to take on Syracuse. BUT NOW Pitt has come into that mix.If the Pitt Panthers can beat that of the USF Bulls on Saturday then Pitt will be at 6-6 and bowl eligible. Now I get Syracuse is very attractive for the Pinstripe Bowl as it is in New York. But to me I think Pitt/WVU does HUGE business both at the ticket office and tv. And lets be real ratings is all ESPN really cares about. So lets see how that plays out shall we?

No West Virginia basketball until next Wednesday as they go to Chrleston to take on Marshall.

Marshall takes on UNC Wilmington before that game on Wednesday. .

Sunday the Steelers play the Ravens and I can HONESTLY say. For the first time in my life I have zero interest in a Steelers game. With Ben I think the stelers have a very good chance at winning some ball games MAYBE MAYBE since the NFL is way down lead the Steelers to a Super Bowl. Without? Well my being disinterested tells the story.

Mondays game between the Redskins and the Giants looks to be the best game in my eyes this weekend. If the Redskins are too in fact win that game on Monday they have a good shot at going to the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?! Yes I said playoffs. And maybe a shot at the NFC East. May sound crazy but look up there remaining schedule and it really is not.

So folks get through today and its the Weekend! Enjoy it the weather looks great for December!

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Two Great Days Kick The Weekend Off Right!
Thursday kicked it off for us on Thanksgivng. As the Lions battled the Texans in a 34-31 overtime win by the Texans. I said yesterday that there was only three Thanksgiving games that I really remember in my lifetime. But this game and one I am about to bring up will be remembered for a long time! The Texans got away with one awful call that will not be forgetten and that is how they won this Thanksgiving game. And sadly that is why I will remember that one for a very long time.

The second was the Cowboys/Redskins game as the Redskins won by a final of 38-31. But that is not what I will remember this game for. Rememeber me bringing that Randy Moss game yesterday? Well RGIII did what Moss did and tore the Cowboys up! As he threw 4 tds 1 int. 311 yds throwing and ran for 29 yds. Totally tore it up for the Redskins.Not many times has a rookie qb grabbed my attention like this but RGIII has got it. And one thing I forgot to mention in that whole RGIII mention? Redskins crawled back in contention. After winning that game yesterday.

The third I will not remember. The Patriots beat the Jets 49-19. I flipped on some Charlie Brown and then some of the Michael Jackson BAD 25 special. I did learn one thing and will not forget any time soon. Is that not only was that video the premier of Wesley Snipes. But  also that was a Martin Scorsese directed video. Scorsese is my favorite director as he as directed "Raging Bull"  "Taxi Driver" "The Last Tempation of Christ". Along with many other greats but those are some of my favorites. And I guess that is a big reason why I enjoyed that video.

Anyway back to sports.

In college football action on Friday the West Virginia Mountaineers became bowl eligible. As they beat Iowa State 31-24.Three of four bowl projections that I saw written on Monday had the Mountaineers playing the Syracuse Orange in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in the new Yankee Stadium. And the fourth projection I saw was in the Alamo Bowl playing UCLA. Alamo Bowl is a decent bowl it is not a BCS bowl but could do worse. And with the Pinstripe bowl the Mountaineers would be playing a rival. So all be it I would love to be in a BCS game those two look fun to me.
Marshall ended there season on Friday as they lost 65-59 in double overtime. If you are a fan of the Herd it was a very heartbreaking loss to say the least. Something has to happen in Huntingon for them to turn the ship and get back to the Chad Pennington/Randy Moss days. I do not have an answer to what but something has got to give here.

Martinsburg played George Washington on Friday afternoon. Justin "Cookie" Clinton went out of his mind and took over for the Bulldogs. As the Bulldogs won 63-14.Clinton scored 6 rushing touchdowns in that effort and now owns a state record in doing that. I guess today Clinton was the "Cookie Monster". Great effort by the Bulldogs they will try to threepeat next Saturday as they will take on the Cabell Midland Knights. As they beat Morgantown 35-28. Noon kickoff there at Wheeling Island Stadium and it looks to be a good one. 

Double A state championship will be between Wayne and Keyser. I am pulling for the Golden Tornado. But I keep in the back of my mind "NO ONE CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE WAYNE PIONEERS!" But that shapes up to be a good game next Friday night on Wheeling Island Stadium.

Signle A will be decided next Saturday night on Wheeling Island Stadium. But semifinal games have to be played before we get there. Tucker County takes on Madonna. And Magnola takes on that of Wahama. I have a rooting interest in both games as my cousin is the principal at Tucker County and my family went to Magnolia so I will be a Mountain Lion and Blue Eagle tomorrow afternoon.

Guys (and gals) enjoy the rest of your weekends. Sleep off your turkeys. And enjoy as much of the weekend you have left!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great holiday today truly is we get to reflect and think what we are thankful for, eat all we care too, and of course enjoy football!

One I am thankful for the wonderful family that i have and the great friends I have. For those that are a part of my life I thank you.

Point two is easy so i am not going to go on and on about the food we eat.

Three the football. Oh the football. Today is not quite Super Sunday but is pretty close in the sense we will all be watching the three games taking place today. But in all my Thanksgiving Day games that I have watched I really only remember watching three of those games.

One being the Cowboys/Dolphins "snow game". I was at my Grandmothers house for that game. I remember watching until halftime then me and my Dad went to what was then a Wheekling Thunderbirds game. I remember getting back to my Uncle's and saying "so did the Cowboys win?" He said "well here I am going to turn on Sportscenter for you". And i remember seeing one crazy ending! Leon Lett who has became a household name over boneheaded plays committed one in this game. As the Dolphins lined up to kick a game winning field goal that was missed Lett ran down the field the ball touched his foot as he slid in the snow. The Dolphins got a second chance and went on to win 16-14

The second game I remember is known in Pittsburgh as the "coin toss" game. The Steelers battled the Detriot Lions in 1998. The Steelers had to have this game in order to stay in playoff contention. As it was the Steelers and Lions went to overtime. And here a rule was changed forever. It had always been "call it in the air". Well Jerome Bettis called tails someone else called heads. Ended up it was tails but it was heard heads. Lions took the ball. Steelers ended up losing 19-16 and did not win another game from that point on in the season.But i will be honest I do not remember excatly what happened in that game (other than the coin toss). But what I do remember was again my Uncle being at my Grandmothers house.. My cousins also where there. and what I remember was just staring at the television set for a long period of time not being able to move. My cousins "come on George lets go play." My Uncle said "um guys I think George needs be left alone right now he is handling this loss the way any of us would right now." Uncle Bill always had a way.

And the third game I remember was the same year as the "coin toss" game. And that was Cowboys/Vikings. Randy Moss was passed on by the Cowboys in that April's draft. And he was bound determined to make the Cowboys pay for that. And boy did Moss make them pay. As he caught three touchdown passes and had 163 yds in that effort. I will never forget his postgame as he was player of the game. There was a big turkey on the field. Madden was interviewing him he said "John can I have some of this turkey?" Madden said "after a game like that you can have whatever you want". Moss then went and took a drumbstick off the turkey and gnawed away at it.  

So i hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving today. i hope you enjoyed the Parade and I hope you enjoy the food and footballt that is about to kickoff!

Happy thanksgiving!

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The Weekend That Was
Football,football and yes more football.

Friday kicked it off between Mussleman and Martinsburg. Martinsburg won that game 50-7 and will take on the George Washington Patriots at a very odd time this week but thats for later. Mussleman wrapped up there season with that loss. But if you are a Appleman (or Applewoman can not be sexist here). South Berkeley should be very proud of what this team did. As they went to Charleston and beat a very VERY good Capital High team and advanced on to the second round. My hats off to the Appleman for the great season that they had. And good luck to them next season. Now as I said earlier Martinsburg is taking on George Washington Friday now I hope you are sitting down for this. Martinsburg will play George Washington at Martinsburg ok sit down Friday at 1:30 pm. Very odd time for a football game but it is Black Friday what do you have better to do? So if you can try and make that one do! Because I have a feeling this is the game that says who wims the state championship.

Onto college. Saturday said all you need to know about this WVU season. The offense showed up put 49 points on the board had a lead late and lost. .Tune into ESPN radio and hear what they say when they say a defense is bad same with College Gameday. Say something to the effects of  "well so and sos defense is bad but its not West Virginia bad." I hear it all the time get sick of it but sad thing It is a true comment. And until that part of the game gets corrected in Morgantown the Big XII is not going to be any fun.

Shepherd lost 27-17 to IUP. In the playoffs good season for the Rams good luck to them as they head on to next season.

Marshall won Saturday by a final of 44-41. A game in which they had a huge lead let it get away but in the end won and live to fight another day. As they go to ECU on Friday a win there and they go to a bowl game.

Now on to the NFL.

Sunday afternoon the Redskins took on the Eagles. And the skins won BIG 31-6 was the final there and RGIII looked like a highlight reel. And the Eagles well the Eagles looked very um well lets say bad. . Back at the start of the season alot where picking the Eagles to win the Super Bowl and now looks like they may not win 4 games this season. I am looking forward to Thursday now as RGIII takes center stage against the Cowbys. Last time I remember a highly touted rookie playing in the Thanksgiving day game in the "Big D" was Randy Moss. And the guy Beasted out that evening. Lets see if RGIII can do the same.

Onto the game I do not think I should talk about. The Ravens beat the Steelers by a final of 13-10. I do not know what to say here .I must whole heartdly admit I wear my Steelers heart on my sleeve. But I will leave you with this thought from that game. A friend texted me that barely watched the game was watching another television show and said. "George your qb is awful." That is all you need to know about that game that was played Nothing more and nothing less.

Week ahead has this in store for you.Nothing until Thursday but live out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and you are home free.

Thursday has set for you. WVU basketball taking on that of Marist at noon. Eat your turkey settle in as the Redskins take on the Cowboys at 4:15

Friday very busy WVU basketball in the OLD SPICE CLASSIC for either a noon or 3pm start that all depends on what happens Thursday. Also you have George Washington @ Martinsburg 1:30 kickoff there. Marshall @ ECU kickoff is set for 2 there. And last but not least WVU football is at Iowa State and kickoff is set for 3:30 there

Sunday WVU finishes the OLD SPICE CLASSIC at a TBD.
So that is what happened this weekend and what next weekend has in store. So everyone have a GREAT week and enjoy that Turkey on Thursday!
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Previewing The Weekend

Shapes up to be another good one if you ask me.

Football playoffs are tomorrow night. As the Mussleman Appleman goes to Martinsburg to take on no other than the Martinsburg Bulldogs. Last time two panhandle teams faced off against one another was in 2004 in quarterfinal action.When Jefferson came to Martinsburg and Martinsburg prevailed by a final of 35-34.One of the better football games at any level I can remember watching. Now back to what is going on Friday night. The last meeting was on October 26. Martinsburg won that game by a final of 73-0. Do I think we will see a repeat of that Friday night in Martinsburg no I do not. Mussleman just came off a huge win they are flying high so I think we have a very interesting game in store for Friday night. Again if you can not make it to the game WEPM will have you covered with a 7pm air and a 7:30pm kickoff. 

No WVU basketball to be had. WVU football has Oklahoma on Saturday tough for me to preview and say what is really on my mind there. And of course there is NO NHL action to be had as there won't be until Christmas of next year I am feeling.

Steelers Ravens Sunday night see a big win for the Ravens there as the Steelers have to go without Ben Roethlisberger. With Ben the Steelers are a top team in the AFC without him? Well not the case So I see the Ravens winning that game HUGE on sunday night. But we will have to see how it plays out.  

Have a good weekend folks enjopy as much sports as you can tomorrow through Sunday folks!.

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Lets Review The Weekend Shall We?
The last blog I wrote was previewing the weekend.Now It is Monday (yea I know in most languages that could be an FCC violation as a curse word). But here it goes. 

I kinda had it veiled in the last blog. i thought Mussleman did not stand a chance against the Capital Cougars on Friday at Laidley Field. But boy was I WRONG and am very grateful I was wrong. I have been going to the state basketball tournament now for 11 years and trust me whenever a panhandle team beats a MSAC school I am happier than a pig in mud! The game itself was never really in question as the Applemen won by a 42-23. My rationale to Capital winning that game was they just shutdown and DESTROYED Ryan Switzer of George Washington a month ago. And in that time frame scored more than 30 pts 3 times. But the Mussleman Appleman lined up and busted Capital right in the chops and won huge! Hats off to Denny Price and the Applemen you made the whole eastern panhandle VERY PROUD!

With that win they got the winner of another game i previewed last week and that team is no other than.....

That of the Martinsburg Bulldogs as they beat  Woodrow Wilson by a score of 39-0. So pretty much a dominate win of the Bulldogs over the Flying Eagles there as I said in last weeks blog.

So we get a rematch of the Mussleman Appleman taking on the Martinsburg Bulldogs on Friday night kickoff is set for 7:30 And is at Martinsburg. If you can not make it WEPM will have you covered!

I did not preview either WVU or Marshall football last week as I felt both this season are lost causes. Seeing as WVU has not won a game since the Carter years. Ok ok it was really October 6th against that of the Texas Longhorns. On October 7th many of the bowl predictors had the Mountaineers in the National Title game. Now those predictors have gone from the National Title game to the Fiesta Bowl to the Sugar Bowl to now. An Alamo Bowl,a Holiday Bowl, and Meinke Car Care Bowl of Texas. Been a rough go so far in the Big XII. Can Bob Huggins salvage it with basketball? We will soon find out as they take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs tonight (or tomorrow morning however way you want to look at it). Coverage starts at 11pm with a tip off at midnight (or whenever the Steelers/Chiefs game ends) But airtime here on WEPM is still set for 11pm. .

Now I mentioned Marshall not talking there football but I did mention there basketball in my last blog. I said there was much hype around them and it is a wait and see process for them. I watched the game on my laptop yesterday afternoon against Villanova. Read some stories and what not form the Marshall press.Tne game was not as close as they would have you think. It was one of those Marshall would be down 6 or 7pts make a nice little run and put the game within a basket at 2 or 3 pts.But Villanova always pulled away had a nice 4 or 5 point run and in the end won by 12 with the final being 80-68 Villanova.  Still akot of basketball to be played but man is that a game you would love to have won.

So that being said the week ahead looks like this.
Tonight Chiefs at Steelers 830 pm
Tonight/Tomorrow Basketball WVU @ Gonzaga 11:59 pm
Nothing until Friday with Mussleman @ Martinsburg 7:30 pm
Saturday Football Oklahoma @ WVU 7 pm

So it shapes up to be another fun week in store enjoy it! And if you did not get a chance yesterday to thank a Veteran do that today!They are what makes this country great.
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Previewing The Upcoming Weekend
Looks to be a very interesting one here in the mountain state as the state volleyball tournament starts to serve up on Friday morning. And the football playoffs kickoff on Friday night. And college basketball for Marshall starts on Friday night for the Herd. West Virginia basketball does not tip off  until Monday at 11:509pm against Gonzaga.

I will leave the volleyball up to Joe Ferretti. As his daughters are competing this weekend. So good luck to both Hedgesville and Mussleman as they both try to capture a state volleyball title.

Now on to some familiar territory for me. 

Friday Mussleman travels to Charleston to take on a very hot Capital team. Both come in with a 7-3 record. Mussleman comes in as a 10 seed and Capital come in as a 7 seed. Capital pretty muh owned Ryan Switzer and the George Washington Patriots when they played one another on October 19th. Capital won that game 35-13. Capital is winners of there last 3 in a row and they did so in Regan/Mondale fashion. But i can see this being a very interesting game and maybe the Appleman pull off an upset in that game. Thats why they play it on the field and not on paper. Be sure to tune into that game Friday as WEPM will bring you all the action from the "Capital City" with a 7:30 kickoff.

Winner of the previously mentioned game plays the winner of this game

Saturday Woodrow Wilson comes to Martinsburg to take on the Bulldogs as that is a 15/2 game. Landslide victory for the Bulldogs Woodrow comes in with a 6-4 record the Bulldogs come in with a 9-1 record.Many are picking the Bulldogs to win the state title even though they have a rocky road ahead but the journey starts Saturday and that game can be heard on WEPM as well with a 1:30 kickoff. But again thats why the game is played on the field not on paper.

Football for sure shapes up to be interesting weekend

On to Marshall hoops. They tip off Friday at 7pm against Longwood. And go to Philly on Sunday to take on Villanova at 1pm. There has been much hype on this team. Got a vote USA Today poll. They came off going to the NIT last year and getting to the CUSA tournament championship game. So alot of hype there. Do they live up to it? It will be a wait and see process.I do not know if they do or they do not that is why we will have to watch.

WVU does not go until Monday at 11:59 (I say Tuesday at midnight but thanks for the 11:59 would not get mesed up thinking the game is Tuesday). Looks be a fun season there as well.

So looks be a fun and interesting weekend have fun and watch/listen to as much of it as you can.
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Watching Steelers/Giants
We ALL hated the "replacement refs" did we not? They where bad without question but as I said in an earlier blog it was in how the game was presented.

And boy did today proof that blog to be 100% accurate.

You see when there was a bad call the commentators blew those "replacement refs" out of the water. Today there was a few instances of very VERY bad calls. Phil Simms response to those horrible calls?" Man this game happens so fast" (not word by word but very close). Where as when the "replacement refs" where there you can bet there would have been an outcry.

I am not saying I can do the job of an NFL ref ( because truth be told I could not). But the fact is do not tell me well this is horrible and this is well "too fast". These refs are better than the replacements (I do not know how much better) but they are better. But when a call is badly blown call a spade on both parties. Do not go nuts on one and the other make excuses for. the other.

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In  a matter of less than a full calender week. I have gone from the highest of highs Sunday seeing the San Francisco Giants win a second World Series championship in a matter of three years. To getting kicked in the gut and having reality sink in and seeing what the NHL did today. And that was cancel the Winter Classic that was to be played in Ann Arbor in the "Big House" on New Years day. 

Now all along I have read it was highly likely there would not be an NHL season/ I held out hope thought if the Winter Classic were to be played then we have a season (yea shortened but I love hockey as I missed most of game 3 of the World Series watching the Hershey Bears).

The NHL (hockey more than the NHL) is one great game but just does not have the appeal here in the USA.

I should have figured as much with this strike going on for a decent amount of time. You see Donald Fehr is the leader of the NHLPA if that name itself does not ring a bell rewind 18 years to 1994. Who was the leader of the MLBPA? if you answered Donald Fehr you are correct (if there is a cookie jar and a cookie in it reward yourself)/ That strike lasted from August 12, 1994-April 2, 1995/ Now I am hoping that does not happen but it is a huge possibilty. My good friend and co-worker Pietro Disante dubbed me as "Mr. Baseball 2012". I had a blast with baseball this year so he nicknamed me that and it stuck. But truth be told I am more "Mr.Hockey" . Many people my age favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. But no question mine is Mario Lemiuex as I have been told that was one of the very first words out of my mouth was "Mario"  So I have been a hockey fan as long as I can remember. .

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... The question is what am I going to do with myself this winter? I can not watch an NBA game for anything. I like WVU basketball I will follow that. My Dad Is an NC State Wolfpack fan and they look decent this year so I may piggy back there and watch some Wolfpack basketball. Some Hershey/Wheeling trips may be in store just to get my hockey fix. But this is not good/



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