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What needs to be said about Geno Smith other than just Geno? Lebron James tweeting about him. SportsCenter/College Gameday that is all they want to talk about. But after a performance that he put up today it's all for good reason.

His final stat line reads like something only seen on a Nintendo,Playstation, or XBox.Here is how that line read.

45-51 656 yards and 8 count them EIGHT  touchdowns. Al Bundy could go on and on about that seeing as he did score four touchdowns in one game at Polk High.

But as far as the game itself is concerend. The defense is a HUGE question mark. As they gave up 63 points on Saturday afternoon. And there is going to be that game where the WVU offense can't get anything generated and they will have to count on the defense. But as saying goes "we will cross that bridge when we get there".

On another note . The WVU marketing department can be very proud of themselves. As Saturday was stripe the stadium day. One section wore navy blue one section wore gold and I must say it did pop and look sweet on the T.V. So whomevers brainchild that was pat yourself on the back be a great recruitment picture for media guides for years to come.

So today and all the way down to Austin on Saturday chant it at the top of you lungs.


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Last week did not get picks in so here goes this weeks.

High School; games
Mussleman @ Jefferson (Mussleman)
Hedgesville @ Martinsburg (Martinsburg)
Handley @ Washington (Handley)
BONUS GAMES seeing as all the locals are playing one another heres two extras.
Frankfort @ Mtn. Ridge (Frankfort)
Magnolia @ Monroe Central (Magnolia)

College games
Baylor @ WVU (WVU)
Marshall @ Purdue (Purdue)
Concord @ Shepherd (Shepherd)
Ohio State @ Michigan State (Michigan State)

NFL games
Browns @ Ravens (Ravens)
Redskins @ Bucs (Bucs)
And since the Steelers are off (thank God by the way) heres an extra game.
Giants @ Eagles (Giants)

Have a good Friday and even better weekend everybody!
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My Two Cents
On the replacement refs. I am not about to say they are good because they are very far from that. They have blown calls, not clearly know the rules, and in some cases have lost complete and total control of situations. But with that being said the huge problem to me and why we all hate these refs is simple.

It's the way the game/pregame has been presented to us. The "real" refs made some horrible calls on there watches. But when they would miss a call or it was a very bad call you would hear a very bland "well that was a bad call" or soemthing to that effect. As to now where there is a bad call it is put under a microscope And the guys in the booth sound like a very upset fan.

Now with that being said would I like to see the "real" refs back? Of course I would. But when there is a God awful call on there watch don't treat them with kid gloves. Those are the same guys that had the "tuck rule". An interception in a playoff game between the Steelers and Colts called back the next day the NFL admitted  they got the call wrong.

So while I am in the boat of everyone else thinking these refs are bad. I still go back and say man those "real" refs made some bad calls too but I just don't remember the T.V. guys crying about those calls. And if the NFL and the "real" refs are $3.3 million off like I heard this morning. I am sure the NFL can collect that money off all the fines they have issued since the replacement refs have come in.
So that is just my two cents on the matter.
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Playoff Bound !
That is what the Washington Nationals are after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1 Thursday evening.

It has been a LONG 8 year wait just to say they are in the playoffs. As there best record was the first year they came to the Nation's capital in 2005 and that was only a .500 season. And that put them in FIFTH place..Last season they went 80-81 and that got the Nats a third place finish.

But with all that said what is the best part of this team?

Has to be the development of this team.

Take Ryan Zimmerman guy I have watched since his MLB debut did it through the farm system and is a top 5 thrid baseman today. Another guy Ian Desmond came up through the farm system as well and he is a fine shortstop for this team. Along with most of this team that has come up through the farm system those are teams I love to watch. Take the Pirates for example over the last 20 years. they more than develop a guy just to trade him off and get other guys they develop again just to trade them off. It would have been VERY easy for the Nationals to have gone that route over the last few years but they did not and tip your cap for that.

For all the praise they deserve for this achviment. They do deserve some questioning.

Why on earth is Stephen Strasburg going to sit?!

I have brought this up before. And granted the playoffs have yet  to begin and  it can be said the Nationals can make a push for the Commissioners Trophy (World Series trophy). But I still go to a Ric Flair line "To be the Man you gotta beat the man".I do feel Strasburg is the man.

All be it though Gio Gonzalez has put up Cy Young like numbers (19-8 2.95 ERA with 196 k's) and could win the Nationals games he toes the rubber as well as Jordan Zimmerman. Still you MUST give the ball to your best pitcher. No questions asked.

So even though just being "playoof bound" is good. You have to stay hungry and go after the division. Then the World Series. is it attainable? No question. Will it be tough? Again no question. But nothing worth winning was ever easy (thank you 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins).

So folks if you have to pinch yourself pinch yourself because the Washington Nationals are.


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What A Great Sports Weekend
Well everything but the NHL that is.

Good Saturday of college football compiled with some huge upsets made for a great day. Sunday saw some good NFL games with again some more upsets there. And in the MLB the Baltimore Orioles have locked up hold your breathe here A WINNING SEASON!

The HUGE upset of the weekend is a tough one to choose. I am unsure to give that to Pitt beating Virginia Tech OR the Arizona Cardinals beating the New England Patriots in Foxboro. An upset in the NFL is typical as the saying goes ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. But with the Pitt- Virginia Tech game, thats just crazy. Pitt came off of back to back losses from Youngstown State and Cincinnati and looked very bad doing it too. Where as the Cardinals did at least win week one. So I am going to give the nod to the Pitt Panthers for the bigger upset. Although many thought the Patriots could run the table and go 19-0 well throw that out the window now!

Around the rest of the NFL, game of the day has to go the Miami Dolphins Oakland Raiders (ok I am kidding there but i was highly impressed by the Dolphins performance today). No game of the day happened at Lincoln Financial Field between the Baltimore Ravens and the Phildephia Eagles. The Eagles ended up winning 24-23, Having Sunday Ticket and my team not playing until 4:25 I did some channel surfing. But from what I saw (now mind you I did not see the whole game) from what I saw it was a defensive battle and with the Ravens do except any less? Ed Reed is just in total beast mode and will not be denied. Even though the Ravens lost today they still along with the Patriots have to be considered the cream of the crop in the AFC NFC looks like it is the 49ers to loss and everyone else is just occupying there time.

But it was most certainly a fun weekend for sports. If the NFL can have 15 more of these weeks oh my goodness are we in for one fun ride! That is for sure. Have a great week everyone! Don't forget Peyton Manning is on tonight against Matt Ryan so that should be as fun as Sunday's games where.
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Football Picks
Better week 2 then week 1 as I went 9-3 instead of 6-6.

Here's week 3 picks.

High School games
Parkersburg South @ Mussleman (Mussleman)
Martinsburg @ Morgantown (Martinsburg)
James Wood @ Hedgesville (Hedgesville)
Dunbar @ Jefferson (Jefferson)
Norhtern Garrett @ Keyser (Keyser)

College games
JMU/WVU played @ FedEx Field (WVU)
Ohio @ Marshall (Marshall)
Shepherd @ Seton Hill (Shepherd)
Maryland @UCONN (Maryland)

NFL games
Ravens @ Eagles (Ravens)
Jets @ Steelers (Steelers)
Redskins @ Rams (Redskins)

And since on Fridays I try to take you into the weekend on a good note. Seeing as the Boss is at Nationals Park tonight here is my favorite Springsteen song. Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy as much sports as possible!
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What else can you say after the last two nights?! . In the very thick of a Wild Card race?! Somebody wake me up is it 1997?! Yankees won so the division is tied now

Hopefully they can stay hungry as Adam Jones has been saying on Twitter for the next three weeks. Pull off MAYBE the AL East or a Wild Card spot. Again i know it's football season I want to get going on that, Hockey there probally won't be a season (or if there is it will be shortened). I want to get exicited for those 2 but how dare I when the Orioles and Nationals are in a playoff hunt? This is too much fun folks. Another big series this weekend for both teams as the Nationals go to Hotlanta to take on the Braves. And the Orioles go out to Oakland to take on the A's. so even though fooball is king that is what is grabbing my attention this weekend, Well that and the CBA talks in the National Hockey League.

Have a great Friday everyone. As it will be "A FOOTBALL NIGHT IN WEST VIRGINIA"! (thanks Mike Lange for that great line)
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I Have To Ask
If the 1989 Baltimore Orioles were the WHY NOT?! team. Then what in the world do we call this team?

Roster up and down its not very good. But they do one thing and thats win. It's beyond me how they do it but they do it.Right now on September 11 they are deadlocked with the New York Yankees and 2 games up on the Tampa Bay Rays.


The calm presence Of Buch Showalter?

A team that does'nt know there bad?

I am trying to wrap my head around this and what is happening in Baltimore.

I do know this they have been a very fun team too watch this season.

So we are back to what we call this team.

The Fighting Showalters?

The No Name O's?

You have a suggestion please leave a comment.
So hon even though the Ravens have started it's time to "BUCKle up" cause the o's are still in the hunt!
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Football Picks
Last week had a 6-6 record. If that were the pittaburgh Pirates it would be a pretty good week. But by most standards that sit the bar high not very impressive. So here we go for a second installment.

High School games
Handley @ Martinsburg (Martinsburg)
Mussleman @ James Wood (Mussleman)
Hedgesville @Mountain Ridge (Hedgesville)
Millbrook @Jefferson Millbrook)
Washington @Sherando (Sherando)

College games
Western Carolina @ Marshall (Marshall)
Maryland @Temple (Temple)
American International @ Shepherd (Shepherd)

NFL games
Redskins @ Saints (Saints)
Steelers @ Broncos I will probally have my Steeler nation card revoked but got to pick with my head and not my heart so I say (Broncos)
49ers @ Packers (Packers)
Bengals @ Ravens (Ravens)

We are all overly sick of this song. But this is fit and may leave you out on a good note on this Friday

Have a great weekend everybody!
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After What I Saw On Sunday
I still can't wrap my mind around.

The Starsburg shutdown.

I have talked about this before in a previous blog but I DO NOT GET THIS.

Since it's football season I am going to use a football analogy to try and make sense out of this. This would be like the Patriots saying you know what that Tom Brady guy he's just WAY too good so we won't play him anymore.

And that is what Mike Rizzo and the Washington Nationals pretty much said on Sunday afternoon after the Nationals had just beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-3. And Strasburg DOMINATED. Mike Rizzo said Strasburg has two more starts and is done no let me repeat NO playoffs for Strasburg.

There is finally a feeling people care about baseball in DC and there doing this?!

Makes little to no sense to me.

But on another note as you wake up this morning look over the Al East for me that may put a smile on your face. That is if you are a Baltimore Orioles fan and not a New York yankees fan.

Have a good Wednesday everybody and enjoy the NFL kickoff tonught!
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Good To See the Mountaineers Do This
I was wondering if WVU would do a tribute for Stew and I got my anwser when I was browsing this morning. It's not only great to see they did a tribute for former head coach Bill Stewart. But also to see they did a tribute for the fallen state troopers.

So to me WVU did'nt just win on the field they won off it on Saturday as well. And Mike Tomlin is also a winner as he went to Morgantown High School Friday night to watch Bill Stewarts son Blaine play.

So as I said earlier I found the video on earlier and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Again copyright issues the above is not mine but is
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