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Friends of Coal Bowl Preview
On the eve of the WVU/Marshall game. Few thoughts come to mind,

It looks like this game is going to take a bit of a hiatus. Everyone I talk to seems to want to see this game go away. But according to this article thats not the case

I have mixed feelings on this subject.

One part says keep this game. There the only two division 1 NCAA schools in this state and should play.

BUT there's a few factors I say don't keep this game.

One being everyone LOVES the Pitt/WVU game. Or for those hardcores it's the Backyard Brawl. Now that there in seperate conferences that game is impossible to be played every year unless a game is dashed off the schedule. Now that being said would I rather see a WVU/Marshall or a WVU/JMU game? I'd take the Friends Of Coal Bowl.

Two and the point that is glaring to me is Marshall sent back 2,100 tickets. Now Marshall was the team that wanted this game for a long time. Returning that amount of tickets to me is more telling than the Daily Mail poll. And I understand you had to be a Big Green member (donor for those that did'nt know). But that still tells me there has been lost interest. 

So in short I see the pros and cons of this game. What do i think will happen tom?

Well I see this game being one of those Marshall stays nip and tuck going into the fourth quarter. But the Mountaineers in the end pull ahead end up winning by 2 MAYBE 3 tds. I dont think WVU will hit that 25 1/2 point line that I saw on ESPN this afternonn. But enjoy this game because it will probally be the last time in a while that we will see this game.

Remember kickoff is at noon and you can catch the game here on Sports Radio 1340 am as well on THE GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME 95.9FM STARTING AT 10AM with the Mountaineer Countdown.
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Football Picks
Sherando-Mussleman (Mussleman)
Hertiage-Hedgesville (Hedgesville)
HD Woodson-Martinsburg (Martinsburg)
Jefferson-Mountain Ridge (Mountain Ridge)
Strasburg-Washington (Washington)
Berkeley Springs- South Hagerstown (Berkeley Springs)
Williamstown-Magnolia (Magnolia)
Madonna-Wheeling Central (Madonna)

College games
Marshall-WVU (WVU)
Shepherd-Shippensburg (Shepherd)
Boise State-Michigan State (Michigan State)
Alabama-Michigan (Alabama)

That's my picks and I'm sticking to them. And for your viewing pleasure I'm gonna send ya into the weekend with this
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Baseball Season is Winding Down
So that means football is in full bloom.

But to me this has been a very exciting and interesting baseball season. At least for this area it has been at least.

So first I want to talk about that of the Washington Nationals. When you wake up this morning look at the newspaper (yes internets the it thing but i still go "old school"). The standings will have them five up on the Hotlanta Braves in the National League East (and yes I called Atlanta Hotlanta not a typo go there once its very hard to ever call it Atlanta again). Me and my buddies and whoever listened back at hot stove time thought the Nationals would be a very good fun and competitive team. But NEVER did we think they would be leading the NL East on August 30th by five games. We all gave the division to the Phillies or the Braves. Well the Phillies were all hurt and went fire sale at the deadline. But the Braves? There still in it. And right here cue up the Strasburg debate.  If this were the 59-103 Nationals that by Memorial Day were well out of the race I'd be a firm believer and understand the shut down. BUT this team is very well in the thick of things and can compete. That is if you give Strasburg the ball every four-five days. I do firmly believe Mike Rizzo did not believe this team would be in this position at the time of the vaunted innings count. But once it looked like this team would compete and be viable then action had to be done. Suggestion I had was. Get a decent pitcher at the deadline shut Strasburg down in late July through the month of August bring him back in September. IF SHUTDOWN MODE HAD TO HAPPEN.  You still couldnt face the fans with a straight face but you did at least take out a plan of action.

Enough on the Nationals and lets look at the Fighting Showalters (aka the Baltimore Orioles).

Words cannot begin to explain what kind of job I think Buck has done. I watched some Spring Training games saw the roster saw the pitching and said. "There is no way this team losses less than 100 games". Well as the record stands right now at 71-58 100 losses is impossible and the Birds can have a winning record for the first time since Bill Clintons second term. Yes its an election year so thought I'd get it in. This has been a team with a very subpar roster compared to the rest of the American League East but has [played above there heads. 3.5 down to the Yankees and a 0.5 game lead of the Rays for the second wild card spot at this point in time is'nt too shabby..

And another team that's kind of local has been playing good too and that's the Pittsburgh Pirates. Even though the running joke in the 'Burgh is "well the Steelers reported to St. Vincent so it's time to dry up". Has yet to come true. They'll be fun if they can keep there winning ways going through the month of September.

So yea it's football season High School Football has already kicked off. And the Mountaineers and Marshall Thundering Herd kicks off at noon on Saturday (a game in which you can catch on WEPM and THE GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME 95.9 FM starting at 10 am). It's still baseball season. And for the first time since 1997 for Baltimore 1992 for Pittsburgh and 1933 for Washington (which is an unfair number but thats for another time). It looks like September baseball will be very fun and interesting for this area.
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The Deep Threats BACK!
The news all Pittsburgh Steelers fans knew was gonna happen did happen today as Mike Wallace reported to Steelers camp today. So heres some viewing pleasure for you to get you in the mood for the NFL season. And on another note I am fully aware it's a dark day for the Redskin faithful.If there ever is an NHL season I will be writing about that come this season. But for RIGHT now it will mainly be the NFL MLB and a smattering of NCAAF. have a great rest the week everyone!
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