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 Attorney Joe Ferretti was born on August 7, 1961. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1984 and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1987. He was previously employed by Steptoe & Johnson as a litigation associate from 1987 to 1992. Joe  founded Hammer, Ferretti & Schiavoni in 1992. His personal interests include golf, fly fishing and biking.  Joe has also helped Sports Radio 1340 WEPM for 8 years as a regular co-host of Panhandle Live and for the past three seasons as a color analyst of all of Sports Radio 1340 WEPM High School Football Games.

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Forecast: long cold winter in Pittsburgh

If it was not clear after the Oakland game, it is now painfully obvious after the loss to lowly Tenn. that the 2012 edition of the Steelers is not playoff worthy.  Actually, they may struggle to be a .500 team.

Three Super Bowls in five years placed this team on a glide path towards mediocrity and the landing may be bumpy.  We Steeler fans experienced this in the early 80's when stars long in the tooth and recent draft picks full of promise but empty on big game experience muddled around the NFL for a few years winning approximately half of their games.  It seems to me we are there again.  I think we have to face facts.  The only reason this team remains capable of the occasional win against a quality opponent is No. 7 running around making plays.  There is no continuity on offense and the defense is unable to make plays to get off the field when it counts.
The rebuilding is taking place.  The offensive line next year, when DeCastro returns and Adams has a year under his belt will be younger, stronger and more prepared.  The receiving corps is top notch and a Mike Wallace signing away from being solid for years.  We drafted to get younger on the DL but the LB's must be replenished and the young guns in the secondary have to develop further.  There are still a lot of "ifs".

In the meantime, accept the Steelers for what they are:  two notches below the Ravens, Texans and Patriots.  The completion of the NHL collective bargaining agreement can't come soon enough.

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10/12/2012 8:17AM
Forecast: long cold winter in Pittsburgh
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10/12/2012 9:11AM
I was thinking just the same thing.
Except you can ruin the Crows' season within a space of 15 days coming up soon. So, you've got that to look forward to.
10/12/2012 1:13PM
Ah, yes. The silver lining to an otherwise ominous looking cloud.
10/16/2012 3:47PM
Response response.
Sorry, father time and the vaguaries of kinetics beast you to it.
10/23/2012 10:35PM
Need one
Your loyal throng of reader needs a Joe fix.
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